Getting ready for a big vacation can be a lot of fun. You may have your pen and paper ready to write down every last detail of your itinerary. You may have your flights booked, your hotel chosen and your activities planned. One thing that is often put off until the end, though, is your choice of clothing. You may not even think about this aspect until you start to pack, but you definitely want to look fashionable on your vacation. After all, you will be taking lots of pictures, and you want to look and feel your best. Consider these five tips for dressing both comfortably and fashionably on your vacation.

5 Tips for Staying Comfortable and Fashionable on Vacation - vacation, outfit, fashion, Dresses, destination

1. Plan Your Outfits

The most important rule of looking fashionable on vacation is to plan your outfits. You do not want to just pack a lot of random pieces and arrive at your destination to find that nothing looks good together. You should have specific outfits for specific days of the week or activities. If you need to, you can even make a list of what you will wear on what day. This way, you can make sure that everything is packed, and you will not have the stress of choosing an outfit while you are trying to enjoy your trip.

2. Consider Your Destination

You must consider your destination when making fashion choices for a trip. If you are going on an Ensenada cruise, you might want to focus on matching swimsuit coverups to your bikinis. If you are hiking through the mountains, you may be less concerned about aesthetics and more concerned about comfort; in this case, you just want to make sure that all of your clothes fit well and can help you get the job done. If you are not exactly sure what the weather will be like, pack some outfits that you can easily layer in colder temperatures.

3. Pack Dresses

Dresses are an essential vacation clothing choice for many women. They are easy to pack and look stylish while being totally effortless. These are especially useful in the summer. You can put on a dress with a few cute accessories, and you immediately look put-together and ready to go. You can even wear the same dress again if you simply change out your layers and accessories that go with it. This can be great for when you are trying to pack light.

4. Shop Your Own Closet

Before going out and buying a lot of vacation clothes, look through what you already have. You might be surprised at the number of fashionable outfits you can put together with items you already own. Do not be afraid to experiment with colors and patterns. You can have a mini fashion show in your own closet and come up with new vacation looks without spending a dime. Even if you do find that you will need extra items, this gives you a good starting point of knowing what you already have and what you actually need.

5. Look at Online Fashion Boards

Once you figure out what your destination is, look online to see what other people are wearing at that destination. There are also a number of resources where you can find curated outfits for any destination type. Simply type in “beach clothes” into a search engine and look through all the many images that pop up. You can easily find ideas and replicate outfits that fit your taste. If you decide that your clothing choices looked awesome on your trip, you can even add your own photos to give other people ideas.

There are so many things to get ready when you are taking a vacation, but it is important to remember how your style choices can affect your trip. If you pack things that are impractical, you will spend your trip missing out on fun activities. If you pack fashionably and comfortably, though, you can have the vacation of a lifetime.