This Mother’s Day, give Mom something you made with your own hands, with these fun and crafty DIY gift ideas. Whether you’re an expert crafter or just getting your hands wet, she’ll love every Mother’s Day craft on this list—because it comes from the heart. Moms, grandmas, and all the ladies in your life will love these DIY Mother’s Day crafts that kids can help make.

Butterfly Footprint Art

DIY Butterfly Footprint Artplainvanillamom

Art Coasters

Easy DIY Abstract Art Coasters

Tulip Napkin

Cute Block Print Tulip Napkin


Button Pendants

Colorful DIY Button Pendants

 Artwork Candles

DIY Artwork Candles

Washi Tape Clips

Cute DIY Washi Tape Clips

Coffee Filter Flowers

Simple DIY Coffee Filter Flowers

Crayon Candles

Easy Peasy DIY Crayon Candles

Flower Pot Treat For Mom

DIY Flower Pot Treat For Mom

Tin Can Pencil Holder

Repurposed Tin Can Pencil Holder

Egg Carton Jewelry Box

Decorative DIY Egg Carton Jewelry Box

Heart Keepsake

DIY Fingerprint Heart Keepsake

Floral Herb Perfume

Homemade Floral Herb Perfume

Paper Flower Bowl

DIY Paper Flower Bowl

Branch Vase

Rustic DIY Branch Vase

Butterfly Planter

Footprint Butterfly Planter

Votive Holders

Hand Painted Votive Holders

Hand Painted Pillows

DIY Canvas Hand Painted Pillows

Queen For A Day Crown

DIY Queen For A Day Crown

Origami Letter Card

Simple DIY Origami Letter Card


Treasure Box

Kid Designed DIY Treasure Box