Watching someone walk on the street with a prime-looking leather jacket surely looks super cool. No doubt why leather-made jackets are one of the fast-rising trendy outfits in the last quinquennium. From famous Instagram models posing for great pictures and even to Hollywood actors such as Chris Hemsworth, Rihanna, Angelina Jolie glancing on some red carpet nailing their overall looks with a real leather jacket on. Whether you want to ride over the latest fashion craze or just want to try something new, leather jackets are one of the best choices.

However, beware of the red flags. There are a lot of acclaimed cheap jackets made out of leather out on the market today in various colors, sizes, and designs. It’s too early to burst the bubble, but most of them are fake, and the difference between a fake and genuine leather jacket is just too great.

One of the best ways to identify if the leather jacket is authentic is through its price. A premium leather-made jacket will cost you between 300 up to 3000 US Dollars, depending on the materials and quality.

Below is what you need to remember in the pricing of an original leather jacket that will save you from the struggle of buying an inappropriate one.

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Things to Remember in the Pricing of an Original Leather Jacket

1. Always know the difference between PU and Real leather

Jackets made of PU leathers can be ruined in just a short period after several uses. This is because it is only created through chemically synthesizing to look similar to the real ones. While genuine leather jacket can last for a long time with accurate leather maintenance.

Real Leather jackets such as PalaLeather Rockstud Belted Genuine Leather Moto Jacket and Black Wool Fur Collar Leather Bomber jackets are significantly made of the skins of some animals, including goats, horses, and lambs.

PU leather jackets may cost you cheaper but the real one is commendable in terms of durability and quality.

2. The price varies on the labor

One reason why real leather jackets can cost you higher is that the process that each jacket undergoes is jaw-dropping. All high-quality leather jackets are handcrafted to ensure quality. Some rake months and even years just to finish one.

3. The features and style play an important role

The simple logic goes, a more stylistic and trendy jacket is usually the more costly. For instance, this Black Hooded Genuine Leather Bomber Jacket has an awe-inspiring hoodie that sets it apart from the typical ones.

How to Know if the Leather Jacket is Fake?

The first thing you can do is by smelling it. Real leather jackets possess a naturally unique smell that the majority of the people often referred as “wood chips”. Erstwhile, fake ones have some serious plastic odor because it is made from chemicals that had been synthesized. In simpler terms, a genuine real leather jacket smells soothing earthy, and more natural compared to the fake one.

Moreover, one best way to find out if the jacket is fake is through the ‘grains’ on the surface of the jacket. Authentic leather jackets possess a naturally grainy texture and should be comforting in the feeling and non-arbitrary. Imitations and fake ones may have one but it looks so artificial. By determining using this approach, you can closely look at the texture and observe if looks natural or the opposite. Remember that due to some technological advancements, distinguishing which might be a little challenging so always look closely for every detail.

Black or Brown?

Certainly, your mind is contesting what color is best for you. First, you need to consider what makes you comfortable and on what occasions you would be wearing it more often. If you are someone who wants to wear jackets on a long motor ride and intense outdoor activity, the black-colored one is the best for you.

You might want to consider this best-selling Black Fur Collar Leather Bomber Jacket. Black leather jackets can spare you from the struggles of stains and dirt. However, if you would be wearing leather jackets on bar hopping and formal occasions, brown ones are recommendable since they give off a more decent vibe.

Why Should You Choose to Buy a Real and Original Leather Jacket?

Top-quality leather jackets are best used not just for a fashion statement but also perfectly suited as commendable protection against harsh weather and while doing extreme sports. For example, the genuine leather jackets mentioned above provide a sense of safety against heavy rain and snowfall.

It is not a secret that real leather jackets cost more compared the fake ones. You also don’t need to laundry it daily because by just using a slightly wet cloth, you can clean the jacket’s surface without damaging the actual leather. Remember that authenticity equates to longer use and functionality, so it will be more advantageous for you. By buying one, you can significantly save a lot of penny for future use.

What Should Be My Maximum Budget for Buying a Genuine Leather Jacket?

As a consumer, you should be clever about how much you would be spending. If you don’t have that much money, there are a lot of good quality leather jackets that are on sale, check PalaLeather as a perfect example. Starting from two hundred dollars, you can also have goatskin and lambskin leather jackets at reasonable prices that are perfect for your budget and assured top-notch quality.

Aside from you can save a lot from buying from on sales one, you will undoubtedly have a good and ample time because real leather jackets will give the longest comforting jacket experience ever.


Leather jackets can help you in various ways and occasions. However, buying fakes will give you some trouble and headaches. Thus, the genuine one will give you a sense of satisfaction. Above all, buy and consume depending on what is practical in your pocket. Do not sacrifice a meal just because you spent above your means. With a budget, you can always find the finest leather jacket for you.