There are many ways you can go about planning for a special event and having a party is usually a good route. Getting everyone together to join in eating, drinking, dancing and games, allows people to have fond memories of the event. Since all parties aren’t created equal, here are some tips to help your shindig stand out from the rest.

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Choosing a Venue

Depending on the type of party you’re hosting, choosing a coordinating venue is important. Having a great place to throw your event is as important as all of the other aspects of the party. Shop around and see what’s available to accommodate the number of guests you plan to entertain. This step should be planned well in advance so you can try and secure your most desired location prior to it being booked by someone else. And if the venue is indeed booked, you can move on to your next choice without much hassle.

Hiring the Professionals

The bigger the party, the more help you’ll need, so hiring professionals to give you a hand and ensure your event goes smoothly is a valuable asset. A catering service, a bartender and a DJ are all great primary investments. Being able to have your food, drinks and entertainment squared away, allows you to breathe a little easier.

The DJ can spin your favorite tunes and get people having fun by dancing as others enjoy the food. If you want to really knock it out of the park, you can hire a local personality to make an appearance. A top personality will not only get you some kudos points with those in the know, it brings added excitement to the event. Having someone special mingle, take photos and possibly sign autographs will surely make the night more enjoyable.

Brand the Event Like a Pro

What better way to promote an awesome upcoming event, than with custom gear. Grab a few cheap t-shirts in bulk, design a cool logo, add information for the event and have people you know wear your shirts to promote the event. The combination of word of mouth and custom T-shirts will get your special event the publicity it needs to succeed. Plus, you can have the staff wear identical or similar shirts so it the party looks and feels cohesive. Creating custom shirts is an easy way to get your name and brand seen by many eyes with a small investment. And hey, everyone wearing your shirts will look stellar in the process.

Provide Food and Drink Options

Though it may be further down the list than some might like, providing a good variety of food and drink options are key to a good night. Being the awesome host that you are, you should ensure that there are both vegetarian as well as meat options available. If children will be attending, be sure to have a few kid-friendly choices for the little ones.

As for drinks, it might be nice to have some adult cocktails on hand. Not having them is perfectly fine as long as you mention it ahead of time so no one brings their own. Plus it lets you explore some fun mocktail options. Then the standard fair of juices, teas and carbonated beverages will round out the options. Get this right and you’ll be on your way to party-hosting greatness.

Final Notes

To ensure your party goes as smooth as possible, plan ahead. Waiting for the last minute, will only make things more stressful than they have to be. For the worst case scenarios, have a backup plan in place to help with navigating the tough waters. For example, if your DJ cancles, have a Bluetooth speaker system on hand and create a music list yourself. And remember to stay calm, go with the flow and do whatever you can to make sure people will have a grand old time at your private party.