Summer has finally settled over here and the first sign of it is the appearance of warm weather footwear. What will the trends of this summer be? Are you going for “naked” sandals? Do you prefer vibrant, floral shoes instead? Luckily for your, San Marina has got you covered on every front. This French company seems to be able to sniff out all of the latest trends before they even become a trend. You don’t have to be obsessed with footwear to be able to enjoy wearing shoes that are fashionable in the moment, not last year, but now. This year. This summer.

Welcome the summer with vibrant San Marina women's shoes - women's shoes, woman, vibrant, summer, Shoes, footwear, Colorful

The colors of summer

The most recent collection of beautiful women’s shoes comes in color. Or rather, many colors. Everything revolves around the colors of summer. Rich and vibrant hues that are the epitome of summer. If you’ve ever wondered what is the perfect shoe for all of your floral, summer dresses, then the answer has to be in the latest collection that is ready to lead the color revolution of footwear design.

So, how do you pick the right summer footwear for you? Before you hit the stores and go on a shopping spree, do some research and compile a list of styles that you want to try out. To do that successfully, you will need to get an overview of your summer outfits and catalogue them by color, patterns and style. This way you’ll know what outfit you can combine with the shoes that you’ll be trying out in the store.

Welcome the summer with vibrant San Marina women's shoes - women's shoes, woman, vibrant, summer, Shoes, footwear, Colorful

Choices you can’t go wrong with

While there are many bold choices that you can make, it is not easy to get them right all of the time. If you aren’t willing to risk it, here are some color choices you can’t go wrong with when looking for summer footwear. Some of the best choices you can make this summer will be in one of these colors:

  • Emerald Green – This vibrant color is a great step away from spring into summer.
  • Violet – Considered by many to be too peculiar, violet is in fact a great color to choose for your summer footwear upgrade.
  • Blue Jeans – The color of jeans. Ironically enough, you should never combine footwear in this color with actual jeans. But with just about everything else, it works flawlessly.

The fact is that this is going to be a colorful, post-pandemic summer that will make you want to bring out something that evokes feelings of joy and refreshment. That’s why you need to choose something out of the ordinary. Leave the neutrals for another time.