LORETTA CAPONI starts a new trend: a tailor-made home decor, designed and crafted specially for SALDA ARREDAMENTI’s furnishings.

The tradition of Florentine embroidery, applied to luxury home linens, starts a new path thanks to Loretta Caponi and SALDA ARREDAMENTI, two companies renowned for their excellence, that teamed up to share a new vision for interior design. A project that includes, apart from furniture, home decor pieces realized by Loretta Caponi, custom-tailored and inspired by SALDA’s distinctive features.
A new challenge for the Florentine maison, that takes the cue from shapes, garnishments and woodcarvings creating exclusive embroideries for placemats, bed linens, blankets, pillows. Every single piece is handmade and realized inside Caponi’s atelier, with precious fabrics and finishings able to enhance the skilled handwork for which the Florentine label is renowned from over fifty years.

Silk, cotton and wool are the canvas on which color is given through skillful gestures, reproducing floral motifs or the exclusive designs of architect and designer Alessandro Mendini, to suit perfectly the different styles of the furnishing.

Loretta Caponi’s attention to detail, craftsmanship and mastery merge into fabrication and design, creating the perfect clothing for SALDA’s goods. An authentic project of interior design that aims to exalt the timeless quality of unique pieces of furniture, distinctly traditional and contemporary at the same time.

A “conversation” between two different crafts, embroidery and furnishing, represented by two family companies that carried through the years an analogous path to value their own tradition, starting a stylistic innovation able to make tradition evolve bringing it to the future. A synergy that highlights the strength of craftsmanship for which Italy excels in the world.

Not just furniture then, but a formulation of a total ambiance, where home linens are not just accessories, but integral part of the interiors.

LORETTA CAPONI – History of the brand

The passion for embroidery started for Loretta Caponi when she was nine years old, and soon became her favourite art expression. Thanks to an elegant audience admiration, her works had a great success and were displayed also in Rome during 1950s. In that period her sensibility was also influenced by the Florentine art league. In 1967 Loretta Caponi opened her first atelier in Borgo Ognissanti, then moved in the current
Piazza Antinori location. Caponi’s creations decorated through the years the houses and most important moments of families and celebrities such as Rockefellers, Kennedys, Jane Fonda, Sting and Madonna, reserving to her clients special and exclusive creations also online, through the digital Boutique that features the most famous sartorial items of all times.

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SALDA ARREDAMENTI – History of the brand

Salda was born in 1870 in Brianza and specialises right away in handcrafted wood carving, producing fine furniture destined to the Austrian kings’ residences. The Besana family, founder of the Maison, has made of this ob a common passion, handing down the business to date from generation to generation.

Over time Salda has always remained faithful to itself: it is today an exponent of the highest form of Italian craftsmanship with its luxurious furnishings, characterized by a deep timeless elegance. The Maison is betting everything on a renewed philosophy of color and an accurate study of materials, along with the attention to detail that has always been one of its cornerstones. These essential factors all together make of Salda a complete entity in every aspect.

Salda has opened the year 2014 with an improved image, which presents to the public at the International Furniture Fair in Milan: the new catalog, the new textile samples and the unreleased creations arrive in the design capital and confirm Salda as a company ever-evolving, always up with the times. Setting of the event will be a stand completely revised, where a traditional classical component approaches a more crispy and lively one. Here the company will show how collections of top Italian craftsmanship are born from such an alive and rooted in time modus operandi.

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