Every month, our hair grows about 1 centimeter. And if some go to a hairdresser every month to remove that extra centimeter, others can do without it for several months. But, how do we know when it’s time to cut our ends to keep our hair in good condition?

How many times a year to cut your hair: a question of hair type


There is not really an established rule, believes the specialist. It will depend on the look we want to have, but also on the nature of our hair. According to experts, fine hair should be cut more often than thick hair for example. Mainly a matter of aesthetics. Thin hair quickly becomes flat when it’s too long and doesn’t have a cut, so we cut it regularly to restore lightness and volume.

As we know, long hair requires more maintenance to look healthy. The tips rub regularly against the clothes, and they end up being damaged more quickly. For this reason, we give them twice as much care as short hair and we prefer a trip to the hairdresser every 2 to 3 months.

As for short square cuts, despite their practicality in terms of maintenance, they can be damaged quickly, especially if they touch the shoulders. If you have a square at the shoulders, the fact that the tips constantly touch them will cause permanent friction and therefore split ends. They must therefore be cut often. We then agree to a moment at the hairdresser every 3 to 6 weeks .

However, if your lengths are in good health thanks to the care and you do not observe split ends, there is no need to cut them so regularly. But, the professional recommends cutting them all the same at least once a year.

Tips for delaying going to the hairdresser 

Growing out your hair and keeping it healthy for several months without cutting it is no small feat. If you want to keep a dream length without damaging the tips, there are a few simple things to do. 

On the day of the shampoo or every evening for the most determined.es, we come to massage his scalp with the help of a stimulating brush for the scalp. The spikes and associated massage promote blood circulation and therefore hair growth. Then, after each shampoo, apply a conditioner and/or a mask for several minutes. For those in a hurry, a leave-in treatment may be suitable.

Finally, for fans of blow-drying and heated appliances, the use of a thermo-protective spray is essential.