4 Ways to Practice Self-Care During Lockdown - selfcare, lock-down, covid-19

It’s difficult to overstate the impact COVID-19 has had on society as a whole and the lives of every individual citizen for the past few months. What’s worse, of course, is that there still doesn’t seem to be any end to the pandemic in sight. So it’s possible that some (if not most) people will need to practice some forms of social distancing or lockdown for at least several more months. With that in mind, today we’ll explain four key ways that people in all walks of life can take care of themselves –– mentally, emotionally, and physically –– despite the less-than-ideal circumstances. Check them out here:

Call the Pros

Understandably, some people may feel reticent to speak with a medical professional or to visit the doctor’s office given the current public-health situation. However, you should never ignore a physical or mental health issue –– even if you don’t think it’s a “big deal.” The reality is that small things can become much worse over time if you don’t deal with them. Whether you need bunionectomy recovery advice, or you’re not sure how to handle an unexpected panic attack, never hesitate to contact a medical professional when you need assistance.


Even if you haven’t heard from them a lot over the past few months, your friends and family members miss you just as much –– if not more –– than you miss them. Humans are social creatures, and it’s crucial to overall wellness to maintain meaningful relationships with those closest to you. Obviously, Skype and other video conferencing platforms can help you stay connected with people you may not be able to see in person. In addition, though, you may want to consider scheduling a social-distance meet-up with a friend or family member too. Just make sure to follow proper safety protocol if you do so.

Reward Yourself

Odds are, you’ve accomplished more than you realize during lockdown. It doesn’t matter if you’ve finished a series of books or learned how to bake like a pro over the past few months, it’s always a good idea to reward yourself for reaching your goals. Buying yourself something online or celebrating on your own are responsible ways to reinforce positive behaviors and outcomes.

Help Others

Strange though it may sound, acting to help out others can do a world of good for your own psyche and well-being. Donating to charity, sending gifts in the mail to friends, posting encouragement to people online who need it –– all of these actions can give purpose and meaning to your day. Remember, it really is better to give than to receive!