Who would have thought that hugging, and shaking of hands would one-day be discouraged? The Coronavirus pandemic has hit the world hard, and social distancing has become the new normal in a bid to reduce the spread of the disease.

How to Stay Connected Amid Social Distancing - virtual, video calls, social, quarantine, distance, digital, digi-dining, connect

A consequence of this new practice is that people are struggling to stay connected, especially with friends and family in distant places. Let’s discuss some of the most creative ways to stay connected with your loved ones this season.

Let Them Know You Have Them in Mind

Social distancing and restrictions on travel have led to many feeling lonely and isolated. Ensure your friends and family know that you’re thinking about them. And there are many ways to do that.

Firstly, you can send them cards, handwritten notes, and letters expressing the thoughts on your heart. Also, call them often. There’s nothing like hearing the voice of someone who is special to you. Another touching and effective way of letting people know how special they are to you is to use Friendship Lamps. Each time you want someone to know you’re thinking of them, you can send them a glow.

Video Calls

Many schools and companies have shifted a significant chunk of their interactions online using video conferencing software like Zoom, Skype, and Google Meet. However, these apps are not just for work and school meetings – they can be used for personal interactions. In fact, video calling apps like Whatsapp, Houseparty, and Skype are tailored to allow people to interact on a personal level. Here are a few video call ideas.

Have Virtual Hangouts

Every so often, you can organize a virtual hangout for your friends and family. These meetings can be about anything from the ordinary chitchat, games, reminiscing past events, catching up to group meetings. You can have a schedule say, once every week to give everyone something to look forward to.

Go Digi-Dining

Yes, you read that right. Digital dining or quarantine parties are becoming a popular way of staying in touch with friends and family. And rightly so. Many people form bonds over food and drinks. Using any convenient video calling app, set up a meeting, and send out invites. E-invites should be sent out early so everyone can prepare. Have a theme and menu and, if necessary, recipes that each participant can follow. Add any fun activities that can liven up the dining experience.

Connect with Your Neighbours

Unless you move to a different place every few months, your neighbors are a permanent feature of your life. If you don’t know your neighbors, this season is a good time to know them. Some people have been working from home and would appreciate a virtual happy hour or a check-in.

Of course, make sure you don’t become intrusive about it. Also, lend a helping hand to any of your neighbors who need help – especially if they are old or weak. Simple things like mowing a lawn, bringing their mail, and getting their groceries can mean a lot.

Do Things Together

Being far from someone does not mean you cannot do things together. You can read a book, learn a new skill, start a fitness challenge, learn a new language, or even start a business together. Such activities help you stay active and to bond more with your friends and family. For instance, rather than watching a movie alone, you can do a Netflix party. That way, you can comment and interact with your loved ones while watching.

Social distancing does not mean social isolation or loneliness. Humans are made for social interaction, and even in the midst of the pandemic, interactions have to continue. In this article, we have outlined simple and easy-to-implement ideas to help you stay connected with friends and family in these abnormal times.