No matter how beautiful your house is, if you do not get the roof right, it will lose its appeal and market value.

Thankfully, roofs are designed to take the beating from the weather and still remain standing for decades. But a time comes when renovation or a full replacement of the roof is due. It is vital to hire the best contractors for the job.

If you intend to sell your home, a new roof will boost its marketability. However, even if a sale is not in your future projections, well, do it still. The roof covers and protects everything else that you have at home.

So, when you want to do a roof renovation, what steps do you follow? Of course, the first thing is to hire experts such as You also need to decide on the materials, the extent of the repair and so on.

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But first …

Here are the main reasons for considering a roof renovation:

1. To install solar panels

There is no nobler reason for you, your family and generations to come, and for the planet as a whole, than renovating a roof so that you can install solar panels and go green.

Don’t also forget that you will be doing your wallet a lot of good because you will reduce your cost on electricity a great deal. Solar is the new style for people, so get onto the bandwagon as soon as now.

Before you can install solar panels on your roof, you will need to get a permit from the local building authority. For you to get the authorization to install your battery of solar panels, an inspector will ascertain that indeed, the roof is safe.

New homes don’t need a new roof or renovation to install solar panels. However, if you have a house that is older than 30 years, chances are high that it requires a new roof.

If the building authority approves, you could install your solar panels on an old roof. But if the contractor says you will replace the roof in the near future, do it now. Do not install your expensive solar panels on a roof that will need replacement in five years.

2. To do a home extension

If the family has grown bigger, and you do not want to sell the old home and look for a new one, consider extending it. This will mean extending everything, including the roof.

Extending a home looks like a lot of fun, you know, the new space, the new looks. But then, when you get to the roof, you ponder a few minutes.

Adding a new section to an old roof does not look so good. Therefore, most homeowners just decide to redo the new roof altogether so that it can look all glam.

Something that you must consider is that doing only the extended section of the roof might affect the old roof, and weaken it further. Therefore, you could end up with a roof that is part good and part bad.

3. After going through an extreme storm

If you have experienced a serious storm in your area, you might need a new roof or a serious roof renovation. Usually, this is more necessary for old roofs, as they might start giving in on some sections when they are battered by hail.

An extreme snowstorm will batter an old roof. Therefore, even if the roof looks good after the storm, have it checked as soon as possible, before the next storm.

Hail and high speed winds are sure roof wreckers. You might not necessarily need to replace the roof after such a storm, but check it thoroughly, just to be sure.

4. If there is age damage

With the passage of time, even the best roof is going to start giving in. The biggest clue to age-damage on your roof is leaking. If it starts leaking, there is no going back. You certainly have to bring a contractor on board.

Water damage or leakage on the roof can stay hidden for a long time. By the time you start seeing leakage signs, the damage will be too extended. To prevent the roof from sustaining irreparable leakage damage, check it for signs of wear and tear all the time.

Pay special attention to the areas that are most likely to start leaking. These include the gutters, the bevels, chimneys, and other similar areas. If there is a joint on the roof, leaking can start there.

5. To increase the selling appeal

If you are planning to sell your home and move to a new, perhaps warmer location soon, renovate the roof. You can also replace the roof with a new one.

When you finally list the home, the buyers will look at many things. The biggest selling factor is the exterior and outdoor appeal. The curb appeal means how the exterior of the home looks. If the driveway, garden path and other outdoor features look well-kept, the home can sell faster.

While the curb and the garden appeal to many people, it is a new roof that wins over the hearts of the buyers. It invokes confidence, and it shows that you have taken good care of the home.

Here are a few things that a new roof says about your home, to a potential buyer:

  • The buyer will not have to install a new roof in the near future
  • The home is well-kept
  • The home insulation is good, so the energy bills are contained
  • Solar panels on the roof mean less cost on electricity

You can see why it makes sense to place a new roof on your home when you plan to sell it in the future. If the roof is looking good, the home can appeal even without doing other renovations.

6. To reduce the energy bills

Many things can drastically affect the energy consumption of your home. They include insulation, appliances, and the roof.

If the insulation is okay, the doors, and windows are tightly sealed, check the roof. It can be the weak point in your home. If it is too old, start budgeting for a new roof immediately.

While replacing the roof with a new one, consider going big on renewable energy. In the roof design, include a solar system for your home. Research shows that installing solar panels for a home use can save you up to $1500 a year in electricity bills.


Your home roof renovation is a huge project that will require enough time and money.

When renovating your roof, timing is everything. The hot and dry months are the best for renovating the roof. It should never be during the wet season.

Also, roofing is not something you want to do on a DIY basis because it is very sensitive. It becomes even more complicated if there are solar panels.

It is also good to educate yourself about roofs. For instance, tile, copper, and slate roofs are the best. They can last even longer than 50 years, but they are too costly.

Wood shake roofs have a lifespan of up to 30 years. Fiber cement shingles last up to 25 years.

When you have such information, you can find out when your roof will be due for a replacement. Don’t wait for it to collapse on you. Replace it as soon as you see persistent signs of wear and tear.