Whether you want to improve your living conditions or whether you wish to add some value to your humble abode, the following home improvements are definitely worth your time, effort, and money.

Home Improvements That Are Worth the Money - kitchen, improvements, Home office, home, garden, cellar

Here are four property renovation tasks that you should seriously consider undertaking:

Cellar conversion

Any home improvements that add living or storage space to your property are definitely worth the investment, simply because they will allow you to make better use of the square footage on your premises.

There are a whole host of space-enhancing improvements that you can make to your home, a cellar conversion being one of the least complex. This renovation task falls under the ‘change of use’ category, which means that it doesn’t require any form of planning permission.

For comprehensive advice and guidance on cellar conversion, be sure to check out Real Homes.

Build a home office

If the last year has taught us anything, it’s that home offices are very much a handy addition to any residential property. The global pandemic impact could be felt for years to come, which is why you might want to consider setting up a dedicated working environment in your humble abode. This will allow you to carry on operating productively and comfortably no matter how long COVID-restrictions remain in place.

Kitchen extension

Serious about increasing your home’s market value? If so, you should seriously consider extending your kitchen. This renovation task will require some upfront cost, especially if you are forced to comply with building regulations, but it will undoubtedly prove profitable in the long-term. Should you successfully perform this home improvement, you will make your property more appealing to buyers who have large families. The end results? You could end up increasing your home’s value by up to 15%.  

Kitchen improvements and extensions are typically quite expensive however, so you will probably either need a large savings pot or will have to take out a loan to cover any shortfall. Loans are reasonably easy to procure online these days (try Cash Lady) – just ensure you have done your sums correctly and can afford to pay back the amount borrowed plus the interest. 

Garden makeover

Added resale value, increased protection, enhanced sustainability, improved curb appeal — these are just a few of the benefits that you will be sure to reap once you give your garden a makeover.

Here are six things you must do to optimize your property’s exterior: 

1. Plant shrubs near your windows to deter criminality

2. Brighten up the space by using an array of hanging baskets

3. Weed your front and back gardens

4. Make sure your front pathway is well lit

5. Maintain your fences and paint them regularly

6. Invest in a greenhouse and grow your own produce 

Is your property in desperate need of a facelift? If so, be sure to consider the four worthwhile home improvements listed above.