While the idea of designing your new home is exciting, not knowing where to start can be overwhelming. Not to forget how challenging it can be to achieve the right balance of form and function. From selecting high end furniture to laying a proper foundation, let this article be your virtual guide to designing your dream home.

Start With Paint

A fresh coat of paint has the power to transform and personalize your home to the next level. Paints come with a plethora of options, so spend time deciding what vibe will go best with which room.

Ask yourself: are you someone who has a thing for warm neutrals or you’re more gravitated towards something bold and bright like a sunny yellow? On the contrary, you can experiment with some dark colours as well.

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Select The Right Bed

Are you starting your home decoration from scratch? If yes, then purchasing a decent quality bed should be on top of your priority list of furniture to buy. Couple that with an eco-friendly mattress and you can guarantee yourself a good night’s sleep.

Before purchasing the bed, measure your room first and see if the bed you’re selecting is compatible with your square footage. You can also invest in a good bed frame from brands like Porada. They have an amazing collection of beautiful, functional, and coveted piece of furniture.

Lay a Foundation With Rugs

Area rugs are versatile elements that add luxury and texture to your room. Picking a rug made out of natural fiber is a cheaper way to enhance the look of your floors. It will look even better when layered with a more vibrant patterned rug.

Invest in Lighting

Spending time in choosing a wall and overhead lighting will take your home decor goals to the next level. You can have all the right elements for your home but your lighting can bring all the pieces to life.

Apart from natural lighting, you can maximize the effect of artificial lighting by including reflective elements like mirrors and laminates in the right places. Moreover, investing your money in an attractive fixture is worth the visual impact as well.

Add Character With Art

Your walls don’t have to go bare because you’re waiting to find the perfect piece. Although a good piece of art takes time to be found, we’d rather you start your collection with relatively inexpensive art pieces.

That doesn’t mean filling your space with just any art piece. You should spend time deciding what art form you like and what will suit your walls.

Don’t Forget About the Details

Paying attention to detail is key in home decor. It’s not only about arranging big elements like furniture, but also about what you do with the smaller items that make your house feel more like home. Paying close attention to arranging elements like vintage vases, leather-backed books, or scented candles will add a more personal touch to your space.

Focus On Upgrades

We won’t suggest big upgrades like a full bathroom or kitchen renovation first up. You can keep that for a few years down the line. But small and relatively inexpensive changes can give your home a custom look on a budget. For example, upgrading your Kitchen with new tiles, faucets, hardware, and new pendant lights can inspire a premium touch.

Wrapping Up

Decorating your home should be fun, not an overwhelming feeling. Selecting the right pieces like Rugs, lighting, etc can add a premium look to your home. We have discussed simple and actionable home decor tips that any homeowner can follow to decorate their home from scratch.