Does the thought of finding the perfect gift give you anxiety? Do you stress about what to give, how much to give, or even if you should give at all? If so, then you aren’t alone. Many of us start to sweat when the conversation veers towards group gift ideas. The panic can increase when our bank account is dwindling.

Group Gifting: Etiquette, Ideas, and Inspiration - payment, group gifting, etiquette

We are here to put your mind at ease when it comes to the dilemma of group gifting. Check out our simple guide for how to effortlessly navigate finding a gift for a workmate, newlywed, mother-to-be, and more. We are here to answer your group gifting questions, from how to politely decline to what to buy.

What is group gifting?

Group gifting is when multiple people pool their funds to purchase a more expensive gift for someone. Group gifting is not a new phenomenon; in decades past, people would often put money in a hat around the office. However, today, there are digital formats to streamline the process.

Who organizes a group gift?

Every workplace, sports team, friend group, and family has at least one organized person when it comes to logistics. It might not always be fair to leave the responsibility of organizing a group gift to the same person, but sometimes this is inevitable. Ideally, make sure that the person in charge is reliable, organized, and extroverted enough to ask people for contributions.

What are the benefits of group gifting?

There are many benefits in getting multiple people to contribute to one more significant gift. For the contributor, these include:

  • Less financial outlay
  • Less responsibility in finding a gift
  • Less time looking for a gift
  • Ability to contribute money digitally or from afar

The benefactor also wins; with group gifting, they will get a more expensive gift that they may not otherwise be likely to get from one person. Group gifting is also better for the environment, as one gift means less packaging, less waste, and encourages higher-priced purchases with a longer lifespan.

What is standard etiquette for group gifting?

Money is always a touchy subject in any situation. When it comes to pooling resources for a group gift, no one wants to come across as the scrooge, but neither do you want to go into debt. Typically, with a group gift, everyone puts in an equal amount. What this amount is will depend on the situation.

Some online gifting platforms like Presently will not disclose the individual amounts paid. This allows each person to contribute as they see fit. In this case, you could offer a suggested amount, and then each can contribute what they feel is manageable. This is possible for large groups of people, but it does run the risk of falling short of your expected total. It is perfectly acceptable to decline an offer to participate in a group gift politely. However, never scoff at the amount requested or the suggested present unless you intend to do the organization.

How do you collect payment when group gifting?

It has never been easier to collect payment for a group gift. Whether everyone is in the same office, working from home, or on opposite sides of the country, you can easily set up a unique payment portal.

Gifting registries for weddings and births have been the norm since department stores started. It has also been commonplace to gather a bunch of friends to buy larger ticket items. Today though, the internet makes it even easier. Most registries offer a facility for paying an amount rather than for a particular item. Moreover, websites like eGifter or CheddarUp do most of the work for you, including taking payment and sending reminders.

Group gifting ideas in the workplace

Gifting in the workplace is ideally kept to a minimum; otherwise, there is always a birthday, anniversary, or leaving party that needs a contribution. Encourage gifts to be saved for milestone birthdays or retirement. Since you may not know your colleague personally, a token contribution amount is acceptable. Gifts should not be personal, but instead kept to gift certificates. Unless you know your colleague really well then you can gift them something like a ticker for a theater show they might like from this page. Ideas for group gifting in the workplace include:

Group gifting for a wedding

It is still the norm for couples to have a wedding registry. Even if you know the couple well, we will encourage you to stick to this. Many couples marry later in life and some already own much of what would traditionally be gifted. If the couple has requested cash, the general expectation is between $50 to $100 per person attending the wedding.

Ideas for group gifting for a wedding

  • Anything on the registry
  • Cash
  • Gift card
  • Spa voucher for a couple’s massage

Group gifting for a baby shower

As with weddings, registries are still the go for baby showers. However, feel free to ask the expectant parents if they may want any larger items. Be sure to find out the exact make and model, as new parents can be very particular about what they intend to use.

Ideas for group gifting for a baby shower

  • Anything from the baby registry
  • Amazon diaper registry
  • Gift certificate for a food delivery service

Group gifting for a coach or teacher

At the end of a school year or season, it is courteous to give your child’s teacher or coach a parting gift. Whether they are a school employee or a volunteer, they are instrumental in the development of your child. Ensure that everyone on the team or in the class is invited to participate in the gift and keep the amount relative to what every family can afford. Keep in mind that some families will have multiple kids or participate in numerous sports, so try to keep the amount economical.

Ideas for group gifting for a coach or teacher

  • Gas gift certificates
  • Custom photo mug
  • Subscription to a sports magazine
  • A personalized tote bag

Group gifting is a fantastic way to ensure the particular person in your life gets something they genuinely want. Don’t be fraught with worry about what to buy or how much to spend. Instead, pool your resources and find a gift that is truly fabulous and will be genuinely appreciated.