It’s easy to spend a lot of time thinking about your online presence, and forget that you have a physical space to take care of. The last thing you want is for clients and customers to be put off by your lacklustre premises. Take a look around you and honestly evaluate whether your business premises are up to scratch.

Give Your Business Premises a Makeover - reception, professional, makeover, commercial roofer, business, branding, area

If they are not quite up to the mark, it’s easy to make some changes. Let’s take a look at three areas where many businesses find that making changes helps.

Do not forget about the outside

Before they even step inside, people see the exterior of your building. This experience is going to make a good or bad first impression. Spending some time thinking about how you can improve the outside of your premises is a good investment. Here are some tips to provide you with inspiration.

  • Look up at the roof. If tiles are cracked or dislodged have them replaced by a professional commercial roofer.
  • Check out the paintwork of the entrance door. If it looks less than pristine, you may simply need to wash it down or you may need to get to work with a paintbrush.
  • Look at the windows. If they look a little murky, you should get the professionals in to give them a clean, or do the work yourself.
  • Is the entrance to your premises free from debris? This could be discarded candy wrappers or simply leaves and twigs. Whatever debris is there should not be left to gather for days, so that visitors have to wade through it.

Make it easy to get around

Once they are inside your business premises, people need to be able to get around with ease. Think about the signage you use. If clients and customers visit your premises, they need to know where various areas are. For instance, where is the showroom or where are the customer toilets? People will be put off if it’s easy to get lost.

When you are choosing signage for your premises, pay attention to the way it looks. It’s part of the interior design of your premises, so it needs to be a good fit. You also need to make sure that it’s clear and you may want to feature your branding in the design.

Pay attention to the reception area

The reception area of your business premises needs to be welcoming as well as looking professional. Here are some factors that you may want to consider.

  • Keep the area tidy. For instance, you do not want boxes of stationery hanging around.
  • Do not have a huge reception desk that look looks imposing and unwelcoming.
  • Choose seating that is comfortable as well as practical. Think about the needs of visitors, and how long they are likely to be sitting in the area, when you design the layout.
  • Provide tables where people can place bags or drinks. You may want to place some literature about your business on these tables.

Giving your business premises a makeover does not need to be complicated. Start by making time to consider what you would like to see improved, if you were a customer or client.