We all need a little self-care and pampering from time to time. If you have the setup and skills to do your own complete spa day, you have a lot of power at your disposal. You can ensure that you keep up with your own care and keeping, as needed, without professional help. That saves time and money.

Besides being convenient and affordable, it’s empowering to know that you can take care of your own beauty needs any time you want. Having a spa set up at home is definitely a luxury, but one that you can achieve with a small investment of time and money. Follow these simple steps to get your home spa day up and running.

Five Steps to Fabulous DIY Home Spa Days - home spa, DIY Home Spa Days, beauty, beautiful aroma

Head-to-Toe Assessment

Thinking about what you want to do during your spa day is definitely not about being critical of yourself. It’s an opportunity for you to ask yourself some kind and loving questions. What do I enjoy? What parts of me would it feel great to pamper? What have I been meaning to make time for? How can I help myself feel great?

Your focus is on what would truly benefit you. Your spa day is about bliss and rejuvenation. Envision what it will feel like once your spa treatment is done. For example, exfoliating and moisturizing your dry winter feet may not be the sexiest task, but slipping your newly smooth feet into soft, warm socks is like a slice of heaven.

Commit to the Time

This step may seem deceptively simple, and like one you can gloss over, but take it seriously. Block out an amount of time you can comfortably commit. There are three huge benefits to blocking out a set amount of time for your spa treatment.

First, if you schedule time for your self-care, you’ll know that you have plenty of time and you can really relax from beginning to end. There won’t be a rush at the end that totally undoes your good vibes.

Second, scheduling time means you aren’t neglecting any responsibilities. A spa day is what you are supposed to be doing. It’s like scheduling a meeting for work or a doctor’s appointment. That means there is no reason to feel guilty or pulled to go do something mundane.

Third, giving yourself time is its own gift to yourself. Unscheduled time to be kind to yourself is its own deep opulence. Consider it integral to a good spa day.

Shop for Products

The products you need will depend on what types of treatments you want to tackle. Think head to toe. If your hair could use a pick-me-up, look at masks and deep conditioning treatments. Splurge on a gentle exfoliator, clarifying mask, and some great face creams as part of a facial or skin treatment. If you feel comfortable doing your own mani-pedi, get a good quality soak and a fun new nail polish color.

Don’t neglect your muscles. You may not be able to give yourself a deep tissue back massage, but you can still treat your muscles to some kind of attention. There are a lot of terrific massage guns, bath jets, and heat wraps for home use on the market.

Line Up the Right Clothes

This part is simple. You need one or two outfits to be dressed and ready to pamper yourself. You definitely need some ultra-comfy womens loungewear. This is the must-have outfit that will get you set for true relaxation. You will also want to have a bathrobe on hand for the spa treatments that require you to dress and undress. One of the nicest parts of this to-do list item is that these are items you’ll use all the time, not just for spa days.

Create the Ambiance

Once the big day arrives, get your space set up. Banish the kids or roommates who will be tempted to interrupt your quiet space with questions about where the extra light bulbs are. Create a space that pleases all five of your senses. Tidy the area so your eyes see only pleasant things.

Use candles or a diffuser to fill the air with a beautiful aroma. You should feel comfortable in your workspace with an appropriate chair, bed, or bathtub setup. Have your favorite drinks and snacks on hand. Complete the scene with soothing music or nature sounds. And that’s it – you’re ready. Go bliss out!