There comes a point when your driveway or parking lot can’t be repaired with quick pothole patches any longer. It’s time to repave the entire surface. Your first instinct is to search for a few commercial pavers on Goopefully find someone who can get started immediately.

The issue with this approach is that not all commercial pavers are the same. Some are simply contractors working general construction jobs, while others base their business solely on paving. Ideally, you’ll hire the latter, but distinguishing them apart can be challenging.

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Below are some important considerations when choosing the best professional paving company for your project.

Interview Several Reputable Pavers in Your Area

To find the best commercial paving company, go beyond internet directories and ask around. Word-of-mouth referrals are great ways to get firsthand opinions from those you trust about a company’s capabilities. If a family member recently had their driveway replaced, pay a visit and evaluate their workmanship. Ask about any issues that arose during construction and how they were handled.

If you don’t know anyone that’s had paving work done lately, go online to your local Chamber of Commerce website. There you can check the local business directory for reputable paving services.

Be Vigilant About Qualifications

One of the most important steps is to verify the qualifications of any paving company you approach for a quote. Request references and arrange to see examples of their work. If they aren’t local, make sure to look into business information from where they are based. You don’t want to necessarily hire a company that just settled a breach of contract suit brought against them by a client. If you meet any resistance when asking for their business credentials, walk away.

Choose Companies with Warranties and Guarantees

It’s important to understand how a paving company guarantees its work. Get the details if there is one, or at least a materials warranty. This will ensure you aren’t in for any surprise exclusions should you need to file a claim.

Get a Detailed Explanation of the Job

How can you be sure a job has been done right if you need help understanding the process behind it? While commercial paving companies are experts at what they do, it’s still your responsibility to be satisfied with the end results. Ask prospective companies what steps they would take to complete your project. Ask for details, such as how they will connect your new parking lot with the sidewalk crossing its entrance or what permits they need from your local zoning department.

This information ensures the job has been thoroughly planned out and executed correctly.

Your Paving Contract Should Be Clear

Before you shake hands and agree a company can install new walkways on your property, ensure everything is in writing beforehand. This step is critical in protecting your financial interests should they not complete the work or make a mistake.

Any agreement you sign should include the following:

  • The agreed-upon price
  • A description of the final deliverable
  • Everything that’s included in the contracted price
  • Deadline
  • Any quality guarantees and manufacturer warranties
  • Payment schedule, if applicable
  • Your responsibilities and those of the paving company

Only make verbal or written agreements for service once you have a physical contract to review and sign. No exceptions.

Ask for a Primary Point-of-Contact

It’s annoying to be bounced around a call center to get answers about a weird charge on your checking account. Imagine how frustrating it would be if this is what contacting your paving company was like. Find out who is managing your paving contract and get their contact information to ensure timely communication about the progress of your project.

Ensure They’re Insured

Most states require contractors to carry liability insurance, but you should only assume they have a policy if verified. Depending on the scope of your project, there might be a situation where they are insured but need to carry adequate coverage for the risks involved.

Always review your paving company’s policies to safeguard their team and your property against unforeseen accidents and damages. The coverage needed can vary based on the type of work performed and if your contract is residential or commercially based. Refrain from accepting verbal reassurances of coverage, and call the insurer to verify their policy is up-to-date. Failing to do this could mean shouldering significant financial losses on your own.

Final Thoughts

Asking questions about the capabilities and qualifications of a commercial paver is essential to make a fully-informed decision to hire or not. You’re investing significant amounts of money into your paving project, so take the necessary steps to protect your best interests and ensure you get your desired results.

Reputable companies will be eager to share referrals because they’re proud of their work. It should be easy to get a copy of their insurance coverage and verify their credentials too. Those who seem hesitant should be taken off your shortlist and move on to the next candidate.