Make your own Christmas ornaments, and today I’m sharing some modern ideas – filling clear glass Christmas ornaments. One of the best ways to decorate a clear glass ornament is simply to fill them. You can take a carton of plain glass (or plastic) Christmas ornaments and then add your own personal touch as a gift or holiday decoration. They look super cute and chic, whatever you decorate them and fill them, and you can invite your kids to craft together because these are very easy crafts. Let’s have a look at the most popular ideas.

Create Place Cards for a Holiday Tablescape

Grow a Little Plant Inside

Turn Glitter Into a Galaxy

How to fill clear glass ornaments -- ornament galaxy

Glittered Galaxy Ornament from DecoArt

Perch Some Love Birds on a Branch

Give the Gift of Hot Cocoa

How to fill clear glass ornaments with hot cocoa mix


Brush on Some Gold Leaf

Add a Name for a Personalized Touch

Gather All Your Excess Ribbon

Speckle on Some Sequins

How to fill clear glass ornaments with sequins


Express Yourself With Ornament Emojis