It’s amazing how many healing properties geranium essential oil has! Even in ancient Greece, it had the glory of a remedy for all diseases: it was prescribed for fractures, tumors, and even incurable diseases. Today, pelargonium ether has not only not lost its popularity, but has become available to everyone.

Geranium ether: composition and medicinal properties


Geranium essential oil is produced from fresh leaves of several varieties of pelargonium using steam distillation. It consists of over a hundred different components. Most of them are represented by alcohols, to which the oil owes its unique aroma: linalool, nerol, citronellol, alpha-terpineol, and geraniol.

This remedy is rich in antioxidants (substances that protect cells from dangerous oxidative reactions) due to its flavonoids and vitamin E. Geranium ether also contains the hemostatic and astringent tamin, which is used for intoxication of the body, and tannins, known for their anti-inflammatory properties. The latter removes toxins from the body, inhibits the activity of pathogens, helps get rid of harmful deposits, and also stops internal and external bleeding.

The beneficial properties of geranium oil make it a valuable product for use in cosmetology and medicine. It is used in skin and hair care, in the treatment of colds, otitis media, headaches, and much more. Also, geranium essential oil is often used in perfumery as a base for creating men’s fragrances.

Hair Health Oil

Geranium oil, when properly applied and concentrated, is suitable for all hair types. It is great for dandruff, dullness, and brittleness.

The easiest way to care for hair is aroma combing. It will take no more than a couple of minutes a day. You just need to apply a few drops of oil to a wooden comb and comb your hair as usual. There is another option: you can rub a few drops of oil on your hands and then massage your scalp.

Another quick way to improve hair condition is to add geranium oil to your regular shampoo or conditioner before use. 2-3 drops will be enough for a single serving.

Beautiful skin with geranium essential


Geranium oil is a real find for skin care. It is suitable for all its types:

  • problematic with acne and post-acne (components of pelargonium oil have an antiseptic and healing effect that helps fight rashes);
  • oily (the tool helps to normalize the production of sebum);
  • dry (the oil perfectly nourishes and moisturizes the skin, while not clogging the pores);
  • edematous (geranium soothes and reduces swelling and inflammation);
  • prone to rosacea (geranium oil improves blood circulation and activates the regenerative processes of the skin).