You don’t have to spend a fortune for a night in a luxurious five-star hotel. Why don’t you get the same experience from the comfort of your home?

Here’s how.

The secret has a thing or two to do with your curtains or blinds. No, this is not a joke. Your curtains are more than pieces of cloth hanging from your windows. Luxury hotels know this secret, and that is why their interior designers spend so much time and effort on this.

Effective Way to Make Your Home Look Like A Luxury Hotel - sunlight, luxury, hotel, home, curtain

1.Regulates sunlight

Don’t underestimate this subtle but significant component of interior design. You might not know it, but your brain subconsciously reacts to different levels of lighting. Ever wondered why date venues are always dimly lit?

With the right curtain material and design, you can regulate the sun’s or moon’s light to create that soothing feeling you get when you walk into a hotel room. Not too much, not too little, just enough light to make you feel relaxed.

You can even have curtains with designs engraved onto them. This way, the shadowy designs are cast onto the walls. Another epic thing found in a few luxurious hotels.

2.The beauty of your home

Curtains are among the first things you’ll notice when you enter a room. You can use your curtains to express your personality. Plain old curtains are boring. Hotels know this and set themed curtains.

Don’t go overboard with the colors and designs. Your curtains need to match your beddings and wallpaper. Hotels use simple high-quality curtains but are still able to pull off that luxurious look and feel.

Use your hotel style curtains to pull off a unique decor that can only be found in your home. Just the feeling that something is limited to your home is enough to create that hotel feeling.

3. Keep room cool

Curtains can help keep a room naturally cool. Yes, there’s no need for a costly home cooling system. We love luxury hotel rooms because they are comfortable. Feeling cool during the steamy summers is definitely comfy.

Blackout curtains can reduce room temperatures by 24% thanks to thermal drapes that insulate and filter back light and heat, saving on energy cost in summer. No, the curtains don’t have to be black.

If you prefer blinds, go for bamboo or aluminum ones. Aluminum’s shiny surface reflects out a lot of heat and light. Aluminum is also a hardcore metal able to withstand direct sun and hard to fade.

4.Prevents dust

Is it just us or do you also feel like you’re in a controlled environment whenever you enter a hotel room? Not only is it cool, but the air is also clean. There’s more to it than good hygiene. Curtains help in trapping and stopping dust and allergens from getting into the house. No colds. No allergies.

Use synthetic curtains because they are easy to wash. Aluminum blinds are good choices since they can be easily cleaned with a wipe.

It’s fascinating how much of a difference can be made by a simple curtain. Despite all these wonders, many people take curtains for granted. Upgrade your curtains and blinds to get that hotel-feel you’ve been longing for.