It would seem that an answer to this question is a straightforward one especially with how the media in form of movies, adverts, and all seem to portray women who have made an apparent choice – Diamonds. However, for the sake of argument, to answer a question like this, one really would have to take into consideration some factors, most important of which is the different unique experiences and biases colored by culture, social conditioning, socio-economic status, and even geographical location. India for example is said to favor gold over diamonds as gold and silver have been labeled ‘auspicious’ in the country and are said to bring luck and prosperity to the wearer, but this is not the case in western countries. However, the preferences of one demographic are not enough to make a case for the entire population.

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With this in mind, it would beg the question: How then did saying ‘Diamonds are a girl’s best friend’ become popular?

Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend. Yes?No?

The statement originated from a song in the 1949 musical ‘Gentlemen Prefer Blonde’ composed by Leo Robin and Jule Styne and sung by performer, Carrol Channing. The musical was based on a novel set in the 1920s which was premised on an aspiring entertainer who was more interested in collecting jewelry from her boyfriends than she was in marriage. Over the years, the song, now a classic tune has undergone little changes but it still holds in its firm grasp the notion of the great love women have for diamonds.

What then makes this statement true? You might be wondering. It would therefore make sense to investigate the qualitative values, both physical and implied this gem holds, some of which will be explained.

  1. Nature: diamonds are the most precious gemstones. They are valued not only for their beauty but for their incredible hardness; they are the hardest substances known to man with incredible thermal conductivity unmatched by any other substance. They are not prone easily to wear and tear, much of which can’t be said of certain precious metals and gemstones. These qualities make them more valuable than other gemstones.
  2. Symbolism: diamonds usually are bought during special occasions to represent something. The perfect example which at the same time is the core of this article: engagement rings symbolize the love between a couple and says – not so much in words but in ways even stronger implying that their love, just like the diamond, will stand both the test of time and troubles life is sure to bring shaping them into absolute beauty. This piece of jewelry has now become more than just that. It holds special stories this woman is sure to hold dear and pass down to generations after.
  3. The multiformity of diamonds: If there is something women enjoy doing, it’s to be able to express their style and wear things that are pointers to their personality. It’s the desire to want to stand out from other people and diamonds afford you that. Diamonds come in different shapes, sizes, colors, cut; there are options. A girl whose style is more vintage than modern would opt for a round-shaped diamond ring, a love-struck girl would go for a heart-shaped diamond ring as it holds more sentimentality, and so on.
  4. Diamonds just like people are unique: Everyone wants something unique. Girls want to feel special and would definitely select anything that makes them feel that way. No two diamonds are the same and are therefore irreplaceable. A diamond ring is therefore the best way to pass this message across and is more reason why girls would prefer them. Usually men got confuse where are the best places to buy diamonds for their women if you are confuse too then you must check Petragems research article about the top 6 places.
  5. The beauty: the brilliance shown by diamonds as light settles on them; just divine! No other gem sparkles like a diamond, this sparkle is there for years and that’s one of its strongest selling points.

In conclusion, from history, girls have always preferred diamond to gold and yes, girls still prefer diamond rings to gold rings today.It is true that gold is beautiful, but diamond is brilliant. Gold shines brightly, but diamond sparkles divinely. Gold speaks of royalty, but diamond embodies perfection on all fronts. Gold is valuable and durable, but diamonds are forever.