Would you like to decorate your dorm room with some do it yourself (DIY) tips?

If you want to make your room decorated, do not hire someone to do it, better bring your imagination or creativity to reality. These decor ideas will be perfect for you.

And in this post, you’ll learn what these DIY decor ideas for your dorm room are.

DIY for College Students - Dorm Decor Ideas - student, ideas, dorm, decor

 1. Make a T-Shirt Rug

Do you have some old T-shirts? Do not throw them away because you will need them to decorate your dorm room. The number of T-shirts to use will depend on how big or small you want the rug. You will use old T-shirts, scissors, and something to sew them together.

You can braid the T-shirts creating a rug or cut them into strips, fold them into knots, and glue them to a rug. Therefore, you can place your feet on the smooth T-shirt rug as you read a speedypaper review when looking for a reliable online helper.

2.Make a Print out Art

You will need a printer and Photoshop software for this idea. You can search for different artworks you like online and run them through the software. If you’re a nature lover, you can have an art of the ocean or animals.

Once they are ready, print them out and use that wall in your dorm room to hang them. With beautiful art decorating your wall, you can finally focus on finding out and reading these statistics homework helper reviews, and you’ll stop asking yourself – can I pay someone to do my homework? You will easily find the solution online and will cope with numerous academic papers with ease thanks to skillful experts.

3.Make Paper flowers

For students having a real plant or flower in their room can be both good and bad. Some will take care of it and take responsibility. But, for most students, there is a higher chance of plant withering and dying.

Since college students would love to have a beautiful flower in their dorm room, why not start making some paper flowers. The biggest advantage they have is that they won’t die, and their bright colors are proven to improve your mood.

You can use printer paper, tissue paper, or crepe paper for this project for your dorm room. These fake flowers can be easily made with just scissors and glue. Also, the size of the paper will depend on whether you want a small or large bouquet of flowers.

It’s also great to have some colored paper, therefore; you’ll have both a red and yellow rose. Once you have made your paper flowers, it’s time to hang them on that wall. Also, it will be great for taking photos, and you’ll no longer be unwilling to host a party at your dorm due to the dull wall.

With these DIY decor ideas, your room will not be ugly but homely.  Now, you can comfortably sit in your room, reading all those numerous reviews about top essay writing services. Start making and implementing these decor ideas, and make the place you live in cozy and stylish.