Being able to define your decorating style in one simple phrase can be a powerful tool, helping you make decisions that bring your home closer to your vision. With the right decor, a coffee table can be a key design element. With the right decor, a coffee table can be a key design element. Trays help keep the look organized and are a great foundation for stacking candles, books and other objects. Check below the best suggestions to add personality on your living room.

Peachy Spring Flower Arrangement with Geometric Vases

Easy Elegant Book Stack with Gold Accent

Chic Minimalist Pink and Gold Display with Focal Candlesticks

Glamorous Mirrored Table with Metallic Accent

Modern Minimalist Flower and Candle Display in Shades of

Champagne Pink and White Cottage-chic Accent

Funky Asymmetric Table with Geometric-print

Off White Shell and Flower Bouquets in Mirrored

Trendy Copper Vessels Paired with Single Stem Foliage Glam Gold and Glass Floral Coffee Table Display

Ice Blue Glass Accented with Gold and a Hand-tied

Modular Coffee Table Pair with Extra Storage

Wood-slab Statement Table and Black and White Book

Fashion-friendly Marble-topped Coffee Table with Touches of Gold

Simple Black and White Understated Book and Flower

Glass and Gold Tray Display on a Marble-topped

Simple Succulent Planter and Candles in Raffia Tray