Since the discovery of coffee, we have seen the introduction of different coffee beverages. All these differences come up so that coffee fans and enthusiasts can enjoy all the different coffee tastes that coffee has to offer.

Beginners often wonder what the difference between coffee and espresso is. Yes, they come from the same ingredients, that is, water, coffee beans, and sometimes milk, but what makes up the differences.

In this article, our main agenda is to differentiate both drinks. The next time you go to a fancy restaurant or for a coffee date, you will be able to demystify the differences without any problems.

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The type of coffee beans you need

The first thing to understand is that espresso is nothing short of coffee. You require coffee beans and hot water to brew the drink.

People make a mistake when they say that the coffee beans used to make espresso are different from the ones used to make regular coffee. Well, that is not so because you can use the same coffee bean brand and type to make both drinks.

Nevertheless, finely grounded coffee beans are the best for espresso, while medium or coarse grains are the perfect option for preparing coffee – whether commercially or at home. Brands that sell coffee, nowadays, will indicate what their coffee can do.

Choosing between Arabica and Robusta

Although many people say that Arabica is the best for espresso, both Arabica and Robusta can do the same job. These two coffee bean types have their individual qualities, which they bring to your drink when you blend them or when you take them individually. In fact, both of them demand a particular environment, which dictates the quality they will bring to your espresso or coffee.

Therefore, as you select, go for your preference. Get to compare between coffee beans brands to see the best one for you. Otherwise, the thought of one being better than the other is misleading.

Roasting levels for both drinks

If you want to taste the full potential of your brew, you need to roast your coffee beans. You can use several methods to roast coffee beans.

For those that want to make espresso, roast your beans to a dark roast level. Dark roasting allows the grain to remove all the moisture that can hinder the taste, flavor, and aroma that your espresso should have.

When roasting beans for preparing the regular coffee, you do not need an extremely dark roast. A medium one, in this case, will do. Note that you are free to roast it to whichever level you would like.

Gadgets used to make both drinks

Primarily, to make a shot of espresso, pressure, and heat is necessary. A pressure filter releases water droplets that meet the fine-grounded coffee. The force involved allows the beans to release their natural oils, flavors, acidity, and the aroma found within the seed. That is another reason why you need to choose the best coffee beans in the market.

For you to achieve this, you will require an espresso machine. Though many people think that you need thousands of dollars to buy one, it is not so, necessarily. You can buy a straightforward device that will solve your espresso making needs. See The Coffee Folk for the best espresso machines under $500.

An espresso machine can also make coffee. However, you will require coarse coffee beans instead of the little ones. Using the fine ones to make coffee will only produce a bitter taste, which the espresso would be able to eliminate.

Note also that coffee makers can make a superb cup of coffee. On the other hand, these devices cannot make espresso drinks because they do not operate by pressure; instead, they pre-heat water present in a water reservoir, then it meets with coarsely grounded coffee, and that is it.

How both drinks look

Now, even though both the espresso and coffee from the same place, they do not resemble. All of them have different qualities in terms of taste and aroma. The espresso, for instance, has a crema that forms on top, the sweet spot at the middle, and the bitter section at the very bottom.

Some coffee enthusiasts remove the crema, especially if they do not want to experience the acidic parts of the beverage. You can do so by stirring slightly.

Coffee, on the other hand, is a simple drink. Since it is heated water meeting with the coffee, it develops consistency in what you get afterward.

Serving both drinks

There is nothing special about serving coffee. You can either choose to drink from a large or small mug. For espressos, it is different.

Baristas serve these drinks in small cups and water. The water helps you clean your palate before you consume it. While you can take the espresso like a shot, sometimes, it is not necessary. Take small sips so that you can experience the beverage better.

You can go for either single shots or double shots. Experts encourage people to for the double shots, nonetheless.

Amount of caffeine intake

While the espresso may seem to have more caffeine intake, both coffee and espresso may have high caffeine intake. The difference comes from the type of coffee beans that you use. Robusta, generally, has a higher caffeine percentage than Arabica.

Regardless of how useful this chemical compound is, it would help if you consumed it responsibly. Excess amounts can cause insomnia, anxiety, and hypersensitivity.


From the article, we can see that both espressos and coffee have differences. The main difference, though, appears in the way you prepare both drinks. Besides that, we also understand that as much as both of them have different preparation methods, they have the same ingredients. Thus, when choosing the right coffee beans, ensure that you select the best one for the kind of drink you want to prepare.