Plants have a way of making rooms and gardens come alive. The colours, the smells, and just the general sense of being in harmony with nature can make all the difference to your quality of life.

In this post, we look at a few tricks you can use to decorate with plants and brighten up your world.

Decorating with Plants – Use Different Sized Pots

Most people think of houseplants as being a simple plant in a pot affair. You can create a lot of variation simply by using different pot sizes and colours. At times, you will be limited by the plant size but often you will have the freedom to create and enjoy.

Decorate with Plants and Brighten up your World - Plants, home decor, hanging plants

Surprise your Guests with Hanging Plants

Using hanging plants inside the home gives you the opportunity to brighten up hard to reach corners or add a splash of colour in unexpected places. As hanging plants tend to be at head height not only are they more noticeable the smells are more pungent. It is a lovely touch.

Hanging plants can be long and spilling out of the pot. This can be a great effect if for example, hanging down the side of a shelf.

Use Quirky Plant Pots

When using plants to decorate your home don’t forget quirky and unusual pots can add both a fun and interest factor to your home. This can be particularly useful if you feel your plants lack a little colour or interest.

Use Big Plants

Big plants can take over a corner and bring freshness to a room. Consider having a big plant next to the couch. This is often a nice touch and adds great colour as well.

Decorate with Plants and Brighten up your World - Plants, home decor, hanging plants

Plant Corners Can Bring Speciality

If you don’t’ like the idea of a huge plant why not create a plant corner. Different size plant pots, maybe the odd hanging one and any corner can be brightened up and made interesting.

Decorate with plants and brighten up your home.