While travelling is great in of itself, the hotel you’ll be staying in during your trip will really make or break your experience.  After all, it will be where you’ll sleep, wake up, and get ready to go out.  Because it’s here you’ll be spending at minimum 8 hours a day at, you will want to make sure your hotel experience is the best it can be, and with these simple suggestions, you can make your hotel feel like home.

5 Tech Tips to Maximize Your Hotel Stay in 2019 - stay, staff, service, room, pay, hotel, card

1. Ask the Staff

Depending on what hotel you are currently staying in, the hotel staff may be able to lend you complimentary items for your room.  Forgot your phone charger?  The staff may have some at the desk.  Need headphones to fall asleep at night but forgot yours?  The staff may also have some of those.

Again, this entirely depends on what hotel you’re staying in, but it never hurts to ask and confirm your options.

2. Use your Laptop for Free Service

If you’ve stayed at a fair share of hotels, you’d know that some require you to pay for on-demand movies or shows.  Instead of doing that, you can use your laptop (if you have one, of course).

Simply connect your laptop to the TV that the hotel has provided.  From there, you can use Netflix or other streaming services to watch whatever show or movie you desire.  All without paying for each one!

As a side note, some countries may block certain content on streaming services.  To avoid this form of geo-blocking, simply use a Netflix VPN with unblocked regional servers.

3. Pay Less for your Room

The knowledge that you paid less for your room is enough to make you happy about your choice.  But how would you do that?

Instead of paying for your hotel room directly through the hotel’s website, try to find deals or offers on booking sites, sites dedicated to cheap booking.  Once you find those offers, you can contact the hotel directly and see if they beat the price to maximize savings.

With all that extra money, you can afford to go out and commit to more activities.

4. Get Two Cards

Many hotels now use a card as a form of entry into a room.  This card also happens to be connected to the power in your room.  Once the scanner for the card detects that you’ve left the room, all the power will shut off, leaving your device uncharged and your air conditioner off.

To fix this, you just need to simply ask for a second card.  When you leave, put a second card into the inside of the room so the door is constantly detecting the card, never powering off the room.

5. Dry your Clothes with the Towel Heaters

Look, hotels charge a ludicrous amount for their clothes washing services.  To avoid this, you can simply use the towel heaters that your hotel may have in each room.  While it’s not as effective as a dryer, it’s good enough and keeps you from spending hundreds more for a bit better quality drying.