The summer months are a time for relaxing and enjoying the outdoors. The weather is perfect for spending time with family and friends, and you don’t want them to be limited to just the inside of your home. In order to create an inviting outdoor living space that will make guests feel comfortable, you should think about what activities you want people to do in that space, as well as how many people might be visiting at once.

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Create a Place to Relax

Creating a relaxing space outdoors is important. Most people want their home to bring them comfort and peace after a long day away. A backyard deck, patio, or outdoor living space should be more than merely utilitarian, it needs to be comfortable and inviting. To create the perfect spot for unwinding after work or as a center of activity during parties and other get-togethers, consider the following.

Make a place to sit and read. You might think that reading is best done indoors on your sofa or bed but there’s something about being outside in the fresh air that’s conducive to relaxation and concentration. Whether you’re enjoying a book on your own or with friends, enjoy it by yourself in an Adirondack chair or with others around the table under an umbrella shade.

Build a place to sit and watch TV. While some people prefer sitting inside next to their flat screen TVs, others like being out in their backyards where they can relax while still watching their favorite shows without worrying about noise pollution from neighbors’ TVs.

Install a Fire Pit

Fire pits are perfect for any season. You can invite friends over even during the winter months to enjoy conversations around the firepit. Installing a fire pit is a great way to liven up your outdoor living space. A fire pit can make the perfect spot for an evening cookout, or even just a more casual gathering with friends. It’s also a wonderful focal point for any garden.

Design an Outdoor Kitchen and Bar

You’ll need some essentials when designing your outdoor kitchen and bar. At the top of the list are a sink, refrigerator, and possibly dishwasher, and a grill or smoker. You’ll want countertop space for food prep, grilling tools, and platters. Additionally, some table space for eating meals and playing games will also create the look and feel you need to have friends over for parties large and small. Choose outdoor furniture in teak, aluminum, or another sturdy outdoor material to ensure it stays looking new all year long.

Use Earthy Feeling Materials

In the outdoor living space, there are many ways to make your guests feel comfortable and at home. The use of natural materials is one way to achieve this. Stone is an excellent material for building patios and walkways, because it provides traction and can be easily cleaned. Wood is also durable and low-maintenance, plus it gives any space a cozy cottage vibe that’s perfect for summertime grilling or relaxing by the pool. When choosing furniture, look for wood and other more natural feeling materials as well.

Add a Patio Area

Your patio should have everything you need to feel at home when you’re spending time outdoors. Enhance it with furniture, lighting and accessories. You can use awnings for shade, a water feature and even a hammock to add relaxation elements into the design of your outdoor living space. Think of what you’ll see from your patio and if you want a concrete slab, stamped concrete, or rocks and gravel to go under your feet.

Build Pathways

You won’t always have the luxury of designing your outdoor space from scratch, so you may have to make do with what you have. If that’s the case, it’s important to consider how the existing landscape will affect the experience and usability of your outdoor living area. Take into account how much foot traffic there is likely to be and how many people will be using wheelchairs or other mobility devices, you want their access points to be wide enough for them to navigate easily. You also want them level so they don’t trip over any bumps in the terrain when they use them.