tree-outdoor-globe-string-lightsAs the country sits on the horizon of the coming Australian summer, more home occupiers are considering ways to embrace the outdoors over the warm seasonal months ahead of us. Whether you are an Australian that lives along the coast or further inland, there is a strong opportunity to create the perfect outdoor setting in your home that will make the most of the views, nature and functional elements available within your home. Below are a few handy tips for enhancing your outdoor living space.

Enhance the visual appeal of your home with a living wall.

Consider developing a living wall (also known as a green wall) on the exterior elements of your home. If you live in a place where your views are limited, a living wall can easily add to the visual aesthetics of your outdoor area.

Install outdoor water fountains.

Water that is in and around the home can create a more harmonious effect that creates a refreshing energy, sense of freshness and purity. The fountains don’t need to be large. They should instead compliment the outdoor environment. Some of the fountain designs that you can consider include:

  • Rock water fountains
  • A water fountain that also has a water garden.
  • A bamboo fountain that can also add a bit of Zen to your outdoor space.
  • A recirculating pot fountain

Allow your outdoor environment to become an extension of your home with outdoor blinds.

You can enhance the outdoor area of your home by installing outdoor blinds to give your outdoor space the vibe of the outdoor area of a café or restaurant. Have more control over the weather elements in your outdoor space with these blinds. Relatively inexpensive and fairly simple to set up.

Install a fire pit.

There is something really refreshing about people relaxing and socializing over a fire. There are different firepit options that you can explore. Just check with the safety regulations in your area as there tends to be fire problems in different areas in Australia.

Have a dedicated cooking area.

What better way to encourage social interaction than by inviting people around for good food, good drinks and good banter. Over the summertime with many hot and steamy days ahead, the motivation to have barbecues and beers with peers and family will be strongly desired among most Australian families. Get yourself a barbecue or if you have additional space, create an outdoor kitchen and cook up a feast.

Create a versatile entertainment area.

One of the great things to keep people motivated with the great outdoors is to have an interesting entertainment area. The area may encourage social, physical or relaxing activities. Some of the ways this can be achieved include:

  • Providing physical entertainment options such as a basketball or tennis area, ping-pong or a pool table.
  • Providing a social entertainment area such as a bar, gaming console or television area.

Create mini gardens in the outdoor space.

There are a few ways to create gardens that will enhance the visual appeal of the backyard. You can create dedicated garden areas such as a vegetable and fruit garden that will encourage people to go into that space. You could opt for a well-manicured Japanese garden that can greatly enhance the visual aspects of the outdoor space. If your place is small, you could create mini gardens inside bottles or pot plants to create a different visual aspect.

Encourage a relaxing atmosphere with outdoor furniture.

Allow the outdoor environment to become more inviting by providing comfortable outdoor furniture. Consider investing in beanbags, rustic sofas and outdoor chaise lounges that will encourage people to relax in the open air environment. Additionally, hammocks are another great option to encourage people to relax in the outdoors.

Invest in string lights to add a magical touch.

String lights can be an inexpensive way to enhance the look and feel of your outdoor area. Hang the string lights across different outdoor spaces or wrap them around trees or posts to create an enchanted environment.

Should you identify yourself as an Australian that loves the outdoors, then these ideas can really enhance your home for the better. Get ready for the summer by preparing your outdoor area today!