When you ask a friend to be your groomsman, you’re asking them to give up their time and incur personal expense in order to help make your wedding day a success, so it’s only right that you should acknowledge their help and friendship, with a gift. That gift needs to be something they will keep, and which will always remind them of your wedding day. It needs to be a quality gift. We are all coming to realize that everything that we buy has an environmental consequence and that we have a responsibility to avoid buying items which we know are unsustainable or will not biodegrade, so here are some suggestions, to suit all budgets, for quality eco-friendly gifts for your groomsmen.

10 Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas to Say Thank You to Your Groomsmen - woollen rug, water bottle leather gift, seat cover, groomsmen, gift

Recycled wine bottle dish and plate

Quirky, amusing and environmentally sound, these melted wine bottles look great and will be a permanent reminder of that memorable night when perhaps you opened one too many. Available from protecttheplanet.co.uk

Bamboo desk tidy

Bamboo is one of those great sustainable plants that’s low on water consumption and fast on growth and means it’s good for the planet. This stylish and useful desk tidy has two drawers and two shelves where you can stow all that stuff that usually just lays around. Available from protecttheplanet.co.uk

Recycled tyre belt

Recycling cycle tyres, what could be more apt. This stylish belt will have its own unique tread wear and comes with a matt finish buckle. Available from protecttheplanet.co.uk

Bamboo Razor Gift Set

This razor set from Shoreline Shaving means that he’ll never need to buy a plastic disposable razor ever again. The stainless-steel head fits all doubled edged razor blades and the hessian draw string carry bag is made from sustainable jute.

Soft hemp socks

Hemp is now widely recognised as something of a wonder plant: strong, sustainable and extremely comfy, and these socks by United by Blue make a great inexpensive gift. The company says it will remove a pound of rubbish from the sea or waterways for every item sold.

LARQ water bottle

Promoted as the world’s first self-cleaning water bottle, the manufacturers claim that it kills 99% of bacteria, odours and viruses in your water and that it never needs a replacement filter. It keeps drinks cold for up to 24 hours and is made from non-toxic, plastic-free material.

Leather gifts for groomsmen

Leather gifts are a great way to give a quality gift with a little luxurious feel. However, it can be a task to find leather products that have been produced sustainably and ethically. A great thing to look out for is how the leather is sourced and tanned as hides that are sourced from by-product and vegetable tanned are far more eco-friendly than those that are produced using a toxic chrome tanning. MAHI’s leather goods are handmade to last a lifetime and are made to order, so nothing is wasted. MAHI also have a range of vegan leather products made from super-sustainable cork leather.

Recycled woollen rug

Tweedsmill make their wonderful woollen rugs from the end cuts of yarn, so every 120cm x 150cm rug is unique. Perfect for picnics or wrapping up on a chilly evening.  Available from Natural Collective.

Rooftop tent

Camping is a great eco-friendly way to travel and with these tents you don’t even have to find a pitch. Check out the range of choices here.

Gel infused seat cover

So many of us spend our days hunched in front of a screen, so many of us suffer back pain as a result. A gel infused seat cushion might just be what your groomsman needs and it’s a far more environmentally friendly option than the fiberfill alternatives.