Cottagecore is a recently coined term which refers to a romantic countryside aesthetic. It can be easily incorporated into fashion, home décor and general lifestyle choices. There is a lot to be said for the calm that comes with being closer to nature. So what can you do to incorporate some dreamy Cottagecore features into your home? Whether you live in an apartment block in a sprawling city, or a more peaceful cottage in the countryside, it is possible to choose from a variety of furniture styles! Here are some key tips to add a hint of Cottagecore to your home.

Cottagecore DIY: The Newest Style trend? - Trend, style, practicality, lavender, furniture, femininity, cottagecore

One of the first things we think about when we consider home improvements is painting! Soft, whimsical colours such as lavender, baby pink or beige are ideal if you want to add a fresh touch of romance to any room. Your feature colour will set the tone for the space, so choose wisely! If you aren’t a fan of whites or creams, go for a greige or even a warm biscuit to add some spice to the space.

Cottagecore is all about practicality and femininity. Use wooden crates to store and display your shoes. You may have some lying around the house or check your local hardware store – they may have some that you can take for free. You can paint them to suit your colour scheme and store them sideways to display your shoes. Bonus points for placing some plants, terrariums or vintage trinkets on top for added pizzazz.

Accent your coat hanger by the door with sprigs of lavender. Not only will it give your home a welcoming and natural vibe but also guests will savour the aroma of lavender when they retrieve their coats!

When you think of DIY projects, kitschy cushions or lopsided benches might come to mind. It may seem like an impossible feat, but it’s easy to create professional, stylish and minimalist pieces yourself for your home! Since Cottagecore is very reminiscent of Autumn and features lots of harvest and cosy themes, here are some quick and easy DIYS to get you into Cottagecore, and prepare you for Autumn too. It’s never too early for pumpkin spice lattes and delicate scarves!

Another easy and beautifully minimal DIY idea uses twine and hot glue to make circular coasters! If you are feeling adventurous you can experiment with different shapes. Here is a beautiful twine holder that is both practical and will blend in perfectly with your aesthetics.

If you already have Cottagecore fever, you may know that fairies are a treasured aspect of the aesthetic. To up your game, invest in a cute fairy door to put on the edge of your garden shed or even inside the entrance of your house.

In essence, Cottagecore combines the practical elements of rural life with a dreamy, inviting ambience. You can easily cultivate this whimsical atmosphere in your home by curating beautiful trinkets, creating new pieces from scratch, renovating with new colours or even just adding hints of nature to your space with flowers or herbs. You’ve got this!