How to Choose Hair Extensions - Human Hair, hair extension, Hair

Hair extensions instantly add length and volume to locks. There are many types of extensions available in the market, and this can cause confusion among first-time buyers. Fortunately, there are a few things first-time users can do themselves make the selection process less confusing. These tips are highlighted below.

Only Buy Human Hair Extension Online or From a Physical Shop

The first thing you need to do is to check out the products available on the shop you’re visiting (online or physical shop). Keep in mind that there are many products made from synthetic materials available in the market. Though cheap, these products are not as durable as those made from real human strands; they cannot withstand rainy days and styling products. Worse, they do not look like your real hair strands at all.

Choose Products that Match Your Natural Hair Colour

The point of using hair extensions is to make people think you were able to make your hair longer and thicker. As such, you do not want black extensions if you have blonde hair. You also don’t want light blonde extensions if you have dark-blonde hair. Thus, it’s important that you compare the colour of each product with your real hair strands before making that purchase.

For best results, compare products during daytime or under bright white light. Both sunlight and bright white light are capable of revealing different shades.

Look for the Best Hair Texture

It’s also important that the textures of your real hair and the extensions you purchase match. If not, you risk making your hairdo look messy despite the time and effort you spent creating it.

To properly compare the textures of the extension pieces you wish to buy and your actual hair strands, you need to feel them and look at them under sunlight or bright white light.

Determine the Length of Extensions You Wish to Purchase

Not everyone looks great with long hair, so get extensions according to the length you believe should suit you and how comfortable you are with a certain length of hair.

What Occasions are You Getting Extensions For?

The extensions, once installed on your head, are expected to be there for up to a month, so keep in mind all the events you may be attending within that month (and by extension, their venues) during your purchase.


Extensions add length and thickness to your hair, allowing you to achieve the look you have always dreamed of. However, before you have them installed, be sure that you select the products that are right for you. They should be made from human hair, match the colour and texture of your actual strands, have the desired length or the length that’s comfortable and suitable to you, and are appropriate for the events you will be attending. Also, make sure that you get them only from a reputed store.

How to Choose Hair Extensions - Human Hair, hair extension, Hair

Once you have obtained your extensions, find a hair stylist you believe is capable of properly setting them up on your head. Specifically, find one who has extensive experience with hair extensions.

To get the most out of the use of this product, it’s important that they be properly maintained. In the case of extensions made from real human strands, proper maintenance means caring for them almost the same way you would your actual hair strands—shampoo, condition, and brush them properly and regularly. But since these products are not supposed to last a very long time (they last only a few weeks), wear them up during the night, and make sure they are dry before you sleep.