16 Brilliant Hacks for Small Kitchen Organization

If you have small kitchen and you have problem organize everything in your kitchen then the following diy hack are ideal for you. Here you can find some brilliant ideas for how to organize your cabinet and kitchen shelves, and then you can find some great tutorials that will help you to find out how to use magnets to make more space around your kitchen and so many other helpful hacks.

Also here we present you some examples of before and after diy kitchen organization that you can use like inspiration and find the perfect ideas how to make some brilliant changes around your small kitchen and enjoy in the perfect organization.


Pegboard Wall Organizer

Ideas for the Inside of the Cabinet Doors

Hang Kitchen Towels from Bull Clips

Dramatic Kitchen Shelves

Spice magnet jars

Organizing Cleaning Supplies

Coffee Station

Pot Lid Organizer

Magnetic Spice Rack For Refrigerator

Kitchen Cabinet Storage

Write measurement equivalents on chalkboarded cabinet door

Organizing Measuring Cups and Spoons

Kitchen Shelf for Spices and Kitchenware

Pantry Makeover

Categorize your Pantry

How to make upcycled utensil holders

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