Body Mesotherapy: What is it?

It is a medical-aesthetic technique to combat cellulite and localized fat that consists of infiltrating some active principles through the skin in several sessions so that they reach the deepest layers and destroy the accumulated fat in the most stubborn areas that cause the appearance of orange peel.

Although it may seem like a very innovative treatment, the truth is that it is nothing new and has been performed for years in some beauty centers with excellent results.


Of course, it must be recognized that, since this technique was unveiled, much progress has been made and clinics offer treatments capable not only of ending cellulite and the accumulation of fat but also with stretch marks.

For example, we found a body mesotherapy treatment that includes 3 active ingredients:

  • L-Carnitine to burn accumulated fat.
  • Organic Silicon to firm the skin
  • And Artichoke extracts to drain retained fluids, undoubtedly one of the most complete treatments to eliminate cellulite.

Does body mesotherapy hurt? Does it have side effects?

It sure is one of the questions that come to mind; But do not worry because the needles used in this technique are so thin and short that they do not cause pain, only slight discomfort.

And the side effects are practically nil. You may notice itching, irritation, or a bruise appear but it disappears after a few days. It’s nothing you need to worry about.

Besides, it does not usually give a reaction unless you are allergic to any of the substances that are injected or you are taking a medication that interacts with the active principles. This is best discussed with your doctor.

What are the results?


Although the results depend on the number of sessions and the cellulite fat you have, mesotherapy helps to dissolve the accumulated fat in stubborn areas and has a triple draining, lipolytic and firming action.

The result is smoother, smoother, and younger-looking skin. Also, by reducing fat, you lose volume and, therefore, centimeters. You will finally be able to put back those jeans that you have been keeping in the closet for so long.

Mesotherapy and body radiofrequency, the perfect combination

Body mesotherapy is effective but combined with other techniques such as radiofrequency, it is even more so. Body radio frequency is a non-invasive treatment that uses electromagnetic waves to cause the layers of the epidermis to heat up. This helps to reduce the volume and firm the skin.

It also favors the formation of collagen, drainage, blood circulation and helps to mobilize and eliminate fats. In short, it enhances the effect of body mesotherapy and, therefore, it is recommended to combine both treatments.