The possibility to be online round-the-clock is definitely great – you can answer calls, look through the Instagram feed, or check emails. Nevertheless, multitasking makes you exhausted and doesn’t allow you to focus on your work only. To avoid this, you can download modern software solutions, allowing you to block addictive pages and keep your mind on more important things.

Today, you can prevent all these self-interruptions and disable websites or applications that don’t allow you to be more concentrated. These software products provide you with lots of useful features that will help you avoid being distracted by trivia. You can select what services or websites should be blocked (the time interval is also selected by you). Any self-control app will help you be more organized and more productive. When you don’t disengage yourself from your official duties, you’ll cope with all tasks faster and as a result, you’ll have more free time on entertainments.

How To Block Addictive Pages And Apps On Mac -

Focus – the Best App for Procrastinating Type of People

If you realize that the major part of your working hours is spent on viewing websites that have nothing to do with your referral tasks, you should install Focus on your Mac and you’ll see that the performance will be improved. This is a powerful self-control program, which will allow you to stick to a particular task.

The prime objective of this software is to prevent users from visiting various entertaining websites. Focus offers its users to create a white and black list of services. Otherwise stated, a user can decide what websites or services don’t allow them to work and put these services on a blacklist. The focus will block these websites.

This application allows you to create your own work schedule. Even if you can’t resist a temptation and will have the desperation to open these websites, Focus will show you a quote, which is a stickler for the significance of productivity. Gradually, you’ll teach yourself how to stick to more important work.

To start using the benefits of this software product, you should download and install it. Having done this, you should configure the program and make it work around your schedule. To do this, you should open the preferences window, which is subdivided into the following tabs:

• Menubar,

• General,

• Quotes,

• Schedule,

• Blocking,

• Scripting.

Focus enables you to block addictive pages in all browsers. This is a high-quality tool for those who can’t control their productivity and constantly take their mind off work.
The price for the use of Focus is $19.99 or you can find it in Setapp subscription.

How to Block Websites with Freedom?

This is another application blocker, which blocks websites that don’t let you focus on your work only. This application is compatible with Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Windows. If you wish to improve your productivity, you can also test all features, offered by this application and you’ll definitely start being more productive.

Below, you can look through the list of all features, offered by this application:

• Block sites like YouTube, Facebook, ESPN, etc.

• Block the internet connection (this feature is useful for those who wish to focus on significant duties and wish to get rid of all distractive things).

• Shut down time-wasting applications.

• Adjustable blocklists. Users can choose what sites should be blocked and what services should continue running.

• Sync all services you blocked across all users’ devices.

• Keep a Check on Your Progress.

Freedom is not cheap and if you have a desire to test its features, you should buy a subscription plan. The price for an annual subscription is $29.

Today, when online services run on an ongoing basis and invite users to take part in one or another online activity, it is really hard to resist a temptation and switch off from drudgery. Time goes by and you notice that the major part of your working day is spent on absolutely different activities that bear no relationship to your work. In this scenario, all these self-control applications will help you be more organized.