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Gone is the notion that men are supposed to be dirty and messy. The modern man is more refined and is also more particular with their personal hygiene and grooming. Anybody who says otherwise needs to get with the program. Like other aspects of hygiene, there’s always a set of beard care rules that you need to follow in order to keep your beard presentable and healthy. Much like your hair, your beard requires care beyond simply letting it grow out. Here are some common beard care mistakes that all men should avoid committing:

Neglecting to Use Beard Oil or Beard Balm

Beard oils and balms are your primary investment toward a healthier, fuller beard. These are the most important products because these help moisturize the skin underneath your beard, especially those parts of your face that your regular facial moisturizer can’t reach. This also helps keep the skin beneath your beard from becoming itchy. The best beard balm will also give your beard a shinier appearance and it also makes your beard much easier to comb and style.

Not Brushing Your Beard Regularly

Contrary to popular belief, beards need to be maintained regularly. This means that just growing your beard isn’t the only thing you need to be focused on. Beards need to be brushed on a daily basis in order to keep them neat and tidy. This also prevents them from curling up. Brushing your beard also helps distribute oil evenly and it also trains your follicles to grow downward instead of outward. Brushing also helps get rid of beard dandruff.

Trimming Too Much

Proper trimming is important unless you want to grow a wild beard. While it’s good that most men already know this, the problem is that many men also trim too much of their beard off, leading to them having to shave off their whole beard in order to start again. Always consider your face shape when trimming your beard. It’s also best to trim small amounts at a time only and to use beard oil regularly so that it makes it easier to maintain your beard. Finally, only trim your beard when it’s dry. Hair always looks longer when it’s wet and you’re more likely to trim off too much this way.

Using the Wrong Type of Shampoo

Another common mistake that men make is when they use head-hair shampoo for their beard. They are not the same formulation. Head-hair shampoo strips the skin beneath your beard of essential oils, which leaves your skin sore and dry, which increases the likelihood of developing beard dandruff.

Beard shampoo is specially formulated to clean your skin just enough. However, it should also be noted that they have different effects on different people. Those with oily skin need to use beard shampoo more often, while those whose skin isn’t oily may end up stripping essential oils if they use beard shampoo more than once a week. It’s generally up to you to determine what works best for you.

Finally, don’t forget to style your beard in a manner that it complements your hairstyle. Beards can be trimmed and “sculpted” to create a more appealing aesthetic. Use them accordingly.