You must be aware of the term HVAC system. Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning, a basic needs for every house nowadays. But, did you know the importance of cleaning the HVAC system? The poor job of the system is the result of dirt accumulation in the duct. With the help of air duct cleaning equipment, you can easily clean the air duct of your house.

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Dirt in the duct contaminates the air. In fact, in some cases, it might be fatal to human beings. Therefore, to help you with easy cleansing ProAir Industries, inc. comes into play. The company facilitates you with equipment essential for  Air Duct CleaningContaminated air ducts might allow the dust and debris to sit on your furniture and carpets. Clean the duct to protect your furnishings.

Clean your HVAC duct regularly, once in 6 months, for the efficient functioning of the system. Dirt, small insects gather in the dirty vents and make an infestation ground. When the air passes through these crevices, it carries some of the pollutions along. This bad for human health, especially for kids, and impure air, may cause chronic diseases.

You may also call for the professional help from HVAC shops. Or you may also do it alone if you know the techniques.

Quick and easy steps to Clean Air Duct

1. Turn Off the main HVAC system switch

Before starting to inspect your air ducts, make sure to switch your device off from the mains. You do want to face any trouble.

2. Using Crevice tool, Vacuum the Air duct in all the rooms

Make sure to read the instructions on how to use the tool. You may also want to call for professional help.

3. Unscrew the covers and wash them properly

Take intervals by running the tool through the device and cleaning the tool before you run it through again. This helps in good cleaning.

4. Clean the duct through a vacuum

Vacuum the device properly. You do not want to cause any trouble to yourself while doing it. So read the instructions properly and watch a demo on the internet before venturing into cleaning it.

5. Install the vent covers

Again, read the instructions properly before you put on the vent covers. Although it is said not to use vent covers as it could mess with the airflow and can potentially damage your system.

Ways of Cleaning Air Duct

1. Inspect the Duct

Once in a while, inspect the air duct of your apartment thoroughly. Next, check if there is any leakage in your HVAC system. In case you find any leakage, seek professional help from ProAir Industries Inc. The company will send a technician for a thorough inspection, likewise clean your duct along with sealing the leakage. The duct cleaner provides a list of recommendations for cleaning.

2. Access

A technician accesses the interior of the duct. So, it is unlikely to be done through any DIYs. Furthermore, the duct is accessed by opening the diffuser or cap of the HVAC system. Moreover, a hole is made into the duct for proper accession. After cleaning the Air duct, the vent, as well as the hole, is closed properly.

3. Loosening Contaminants

It is easier to brush down the dirt with hand brushes. To break loose the dirt inside the duct, it is advised to brush up the dirt first before a professional cleaning. This is one of the most important prerequisites in cleaning the Air Duct.

4. Pressurization

After cleaning the duct, the technician installs a high negative vacuum pressure to pull the dirt. It is important to clean up the dirt before it gets back into the HVAC system. Consequently, this also ensures that no debris gets into spaces during the cleaning process.

5. Sanitize

Duct sanitization is an important step after cleaning. Next, close the duct of the HVAC system properly. Test the cleaned system first before using it further. Disinfectants such as Sporicidin and similar sanitizes kill nearly 99% of bacteria, fungi, and viruses in less than 10 minutes.

Clean the air ducts for proper maintenance. There are many benefits in keeping your ducts clean. Benefits of Air Duct Cleaning:

1. Improves Air Quality

When you clean your air ducts, the air passes through smoothly, without carrying any germs or dirt. The air provided is clean, and you breathe in the clean, fresh air. Inhaling impure air can cause a lot of diseases and decreases overall health and stability.

2. Saves Energy

Impure air ducts lead to more energy consumption and hence increases your electricity bill. Impurity damages the efficiency of the HVAC, and hence, it makes more noise, and more energy is required. If you properly maintain your HVAC, it shall help you in saving both energy and money.

3. Long-lasting HVAC system

Like said, impure air ducts have many impurities stuck in the crevices, which leads to the degradation of the HVAC. The effectiveness and efficiency of the system decrease and lead to a lesser span of life.

HVACs can run for at least 15 years. Without proper maintenance and regular cleaning, it can decrease to 5-7 years. We do not want to go through the whole hassle of buying another HVAC and fitting it or replacing the old one. Proper maintenance and cleaning shall help you save a lot of money in the long run.

Cleaning the duct is necessary if you suspect mold, bacteria, or fungi in the Air Duct. However, the process of cleaning ducts is an easy one. Yet, many people ask whether Air Duct Cleaning is a waste of money? The answer is definitely Not! This process is beneficial to maintaining the HVAC system. This ensures the proper working of your Air Conditioner as well as makes the HVAC system long-lasting.