Teachers play an important role in the community, and it does beyond just education. At its core, teaching is more than just conducting lectures, checking projects and assignments, or clarifying concepts. The true essence of being a teacher is to help shape the future and work hand in hand with parents in molding the next generation.

Aside from sharing their knowledge, teachers can also inspire and motivate their students. They help steer the youth in the right direction by sharing values like honor, kindness, respect, and courage among others. Teachers challenge the younger generation to become better individuals through learning and self-discovery.

Appreciating Your Teachers: 5 Ways To Show That You Care - volunteer, teacher, organize, gift, event, appreciate

However, this is not an easy task. It takes a considerable amount of skill and effort to find the best way to properly guide and educate each student. Sometimes, they can even be misunderstood. So whether you are a parent of a school-age child, or a student yourself, take the time to show your teachers how much you appreciate their effort, patience, and contribution to the society. Here are some of the ways you can do this:

1. Write It Down

Do not underestimate the impact of a heartfelt message, especially when it is written on paper. Your teacher may not say it out loud, but he feels tired, frustrated, and sad sometimes too. And knowing that there are people who understand and appreciate him all the same would make all the difficulties much easier to bear.

Write your thoughts on a simple note or handmade card, and add your personal touch to make it more unique. Or you may prefer to buy a ready-made card then compose your message there. If you do not confident in expressing yourself, don’t hesitate to ask someone for help. You can also write your  thoughts down randomly before getting them organized as you write your message.

2. Give A Small Token

Gifting does not have to be a grand affair. As long as it is given a lot of thought and consideration for what the recipient actually needs or likes, it will be able to express your sincerity. For example, simple snacks or drinks handed out at the right moment would go a long way towards lifting their mood.

Flowers would also be a nice gesture which your teachers will surely appreciate whether you bought a bouquet from a shop or personally picked the flowers from your garden. You can also choose to be more practical and send them school supplies that can be useful during class, such as board erasers, pens, tissues, papers, and other things that they can use inside the classroom.

3. Volunteer Your Time

Teachers have many other responsibilities aside from conducting their lectures. They also have to check your assignments, grade your projects, prepare the lesson for the following days, and ensure that the class stays neat and organized.

With too much on their hands, they barely have time to rest. Give them some space to breathe by volunteering your assistance whenever you have free time. Offer to run a few errands such as keeping your area clean or helping to maintain order in the classroom.

4. Personally Build Your Gift

If you have flexible fingers and a talent in arts and crafts, consider making a personalized gift for your teacher. Items that are made with your own hands are actually some of the best teacher appreciation gifts that you could give because it shows your deep gratitude and sincerity. You cannot place a value on the time and effort spent making these gifts.

A mason jar decorated in his favorite color, a bookmark with his favorite inspirational quote, or a decorated pencil vase with his name on it are just some of the items that could consider making for your teacher. And while you’re at it, you might also want to re-purpose some old materials around the house, so you can demonstrate that you are implementing the community values that your teacher has taught you.

5. Organize An Event

Get other people involved and escalate the activity by organizing an event with other students, school clubs, parents, or the whole community. It does not have to be a grand affair and can be as simple as a cookout in your backyard with your teachers and classmates in attendance.

Ask your friends and neighbors to volunteer for different necessities such as food, entertainment, set-up, drinks, games, and others so you won’t shoulder all the burden. Keep it organized by creating a sign-up sheet which you can use to monitor who is responsible for which item. You could even turn this into an annual activity to honor your teachers as well as celebrate each student’s own growth under their careful nurturing and guidance.