15 Beautiful DIY Gifts For Teacher Appreciation Day

September is already here and with it, the school year will start. We think it is a great idea to bring a gift to the teacher of your kids, but not just any kind of gift. Let your kids show their appreciation for their teachers through DIY gifts that they can make alone, or with your help.
There is more than enough time to craft some of the awesome DIY gifts for teachers before Teacher Appreciation Day on September 10.
So why a handmade gift? Well, you can always buy something, but so can anyone else. There’s nothing better than something made personally by you if you want to give it as a gift of gratitude and appreciation.

Welcome to a new collection of DIY projects in which we’ll show you how to make these awesome 15 Beautiful DIY Gifts For Teacher Appreciation Day. Check them out below and you’ll see just how simple they are to make, yet the message that they carry is very big. All of these projects come together with tutorials that will show you how to craft them through step by step instructions. Enjoy!

1. Glitter Mason Jar Teacher Gifts

2. Ruler Chalkboard With Fabric Apple

3. Teacher Appreciation Bookmarks

4. Thanks A Latte Teacher Gift

5. End Of Year Teacher Gift

6. Simple Pencil Vase

7. Movie Gift Card

8. Teacher Thank You Gift

9. Cookie Teacher Gift

10. Ruler Pencil Holder

11. Highlight Of My Year

12. I Have To Ad-Mitt You’re A Sweet Teacher

13. Soda Bottle Apple Teacher Gift

14. Grow A Succulent Garden Teacher Gift

15. Tote-Lly Terrific Teacher Gift

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