African Safari Themed Room: 19 Awesome Home Decor Ideas

Whether you’re looking to add some personality to your living room or style your house from top to bottom, putting a safari-themed spin on your home decor is a fun and unique way to get your space feeling liveable and looking great. African decor can be dynamic, creative and pretty much inspiring. Colours can be evocative of the sunburnt earth, deep verdant rainforests, softly wistful savannah plains, burnt orange African sunsets and pinkly-purple sunrises, crazily energetic and vibrant market places. Plus you can incorporate graphic concepts of black and white.

Color is very important in creating the feel of an African safari, so decorate with earthy shades. Accent colors like rusty reds, burnt oranges, and olive greens, on the other hand, complete the look and keep the space looking natural and inviting. Choose natural materials, wood in particular. Choose a wall without doors or windows to be the focal point of the room. For final touch, don’t forget to feature tribal art as accents. Take a look at the following 19 African Safari Themed Rooms and get inspired.

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