If you often feel like you have nothing to wear, it could be that you are missing some key items in your wardrobe. We list the clothes and accessories that complete the spring wardrobe!


Sometimes it can be difficult to put together an outfit because we lack inspiration, and sometimes it’s because we need to complete the wardrobe.

We believe that the following are must-haves in a well-functioning spring wardrobe:

  • Sneakers in a neutral color
  • Sandals to wear every day
  • Sandals to wear to a party
  • Elegant shoes – we love timeless slingbacks!
  • Jeans and other trousers that are suitable for everyday use
  • A nicer pair of trousers to wear to the office, the party or when you want to feel more dressed up
  • A nice skirt
  • A white shirt that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion
  • A nice blouse in a neutral color
  • A dress that suits most occasions
  • A jacket to wear every day
  • A finer jacket – bouclé is a favorite material that is extra hot this season
  • Accessories such as sunglasses, a classic belt, and nice earrings.