Are you among those who freak out at just the thought of something wrong happening with your car? Well, then you must have left no stone unturned to look after your car’s maintenance.

7 Reasons To Change Your Car Cabin Air filters - performance, issues, fuel smell, filter, car mileage, car

According to a survey of Australia, it reported that for every 1000 people, there are 740 cars. But the question is how many of these people take care of their car cabin air filters? Most people are actually oblivious to the fact that car cabin air filters also need maintenance just like other parts of your cars.

There are high chances that the issue that you have been facing for quite a long time now might actually have a connection to the car cabin air filters. Here you will understand why it is really necessary for you to change your car cabin air filters without fail.

1. Prevents strange noises from the engine of the car

Are you one of the many who notice frequent weird noises out of the car engines? Do not worry, it is a clear sign that your air filter has run into a problem and needs a change.

Your car engine requires enough air supply to perform adequately or otherwise, it will run into a problem making annoying kinds of noises. Thus, changing your car cabin air filters often helps prevent these annoying noises from the car engine.

2. Enhances the overall performance of the car

If you are a car-freak then just the thought of a drop in your car’s performance can make you upset. That is exactly what a car cabin air filters do to your car if not changed frequently. As previously said that your car engine’s combustible nature asks for optimum air to perform perfectly.

This in turn is directly connected to your car’s overall performance. Hence, a frequent change in your cabin air filters keeps the car in the perfect shape.

3. Car mileage remains intact

Did you know that your car’s mileage is equally connected to the roads you take and the engines as well? Your car engine’s efficiency affects your car’s mileage. Thus, it becomes extremely necessary for you to look after the car cabin air filter’s health and how it is filtering the smoke.

Due to the lack of sufficient oxygen reaching the engines, your car ends up burning more fuel. This makes things uneconomical for you both in terms of fuel and mileage.

4. Prevents black smoke from the exhaust of the car

Well, to be honest, your lack of adequate knowledge about car cabin air filters can not only lead to your car’s damage but losing it permanently. Unhealthy car cabin air filters mean unhealthy car engines.

Technically, your car engine runs on a fuel-rich mixture that does not combust the fuel entirely. As a by-product, black sludge is left behind which comes out of the exhaust in the form of black smoke. You might just want to take this as a sign of a future fire hazard.

5. Prevents fuel smell from the car’s exhausts

Are you one of the many who experience fuel smell when you start your car? Well, it is a common issue but it is a serious one. It happens because the fuel injection system is subjected to a lack of sufficient clean air.

This leads to releasing unburnt fuel via the exhaust vent and hence, as soon as you start the car, you can smell your fuel. Replace cabin air filters to prevent this smell.

6. Prevents health issues for everyone in the car

In the world which is predominantly going through the crisis of air pollution and its side effects, what happens if you have to breathe in polluted air even in your personal space like your car? A healthy cabin air filter keeps all kinds of pollutants away while using AC.

This, in turn, prevents potential diseases. A healthy and functional cabin air filter prevents carbon monoxide poisoning, lead poisoning, lung cancer, etc.

7. Prevents foul odor inside the car

Experiencing foul odor inside your car? A very common issue faced by many but do you know the reason? Not changing your cabin air filters leads to a build-up of dust particles, pollutants, and others in the filtration system.

This results in a foul and musty stench coming from the car vents and it is highly expected to increase when the AC is on.

Over to you…

Now that you know the prime reasons why you must change your car cabin air filters, what are you waiting for? Your car needs a check-up and proper maintenance which includes taking care of cabin air filters. I