What’s your “interview winning streak”? You might not think of it this way, but as long as you are able to work, you will never work for more employers than the number of interviews you’ve ever had.

6 Ways to Win Your Next Interview - success, stories, prepare, interview, attention., anticipate

For decades, the overall approach to job hunting has been mostly a numbers game. You apply, go on interviews, sometimes several, and eventually you land a job.

However, the interviewing process is about more than your qualifications and experience. It’s not enough to dress for success. It’s about the first ten seconds after you’re introduced to the interviewer.

In this article, we will show you 6 ways how you can make the most of those first 10 seconds and be on your way to winning an interview – and landing a job.

  1. Anticipate

Interviewers are more predictable than you may think. Create a list of all the possible questions you can think of that they could possibly ask.

2. Prepare

Answer the questions from the list you created in #1…in writing. Why write it down? Because you will be more likely to remember it. Besides, it’s not that hard, and it could help you get the job.

You may have more than one interviewer in the process. What if the first one dislikes your answer? Then you have a backup answer if you happen to be granted a second interview. So write down three answers to each question.

  1. Tell stories

Your answers to the questions you will be asked should take the form of factual stories that demonstrate to the interviewer that you’re the real deal. Example: If the interviewer asks you about your approach to troubleshooting, tell them your approach, and then relate to them an occasion on how your approach to troubleshooting turned out good for the company.

  1. Draw attention to the interviewer

This is where the first 10 seconds may count the most. When you enter their office for the interview, find something you can comment on that you can use to make a connection. It could be a photo, or an item of mutual interest.

You will accomplish a couple things here. One, you’re showing personal interest, which they might not get too often at work, if at all. Two, it could make them feel more at ease about doing the interview. It’s a seemingly small thing that could go a long way.

  1. Rehearse everything

Practice answering your list of possible questions until they’re second nature, but not so much to risk having them eventually coming out dry.

  1. Be positive

Get it in your head that you will get the job. See yourself walking into the interviewer’s office dressed sharp to hear them tell you so. Or picture the phone ringing with the contact person giving you the good news.

So if you follow these tips, your chances of winning an interview – and getting a job – will be better than most people. We hope you gained something from reading this aricle.