There are so many ways to treat baldness these days that it is hard to decide on the right one for you.

One of the most unusual is to get a hair tattoo. This is officially called a scalp micropigmentation, but it is quite literally a tattoo of hair stubble on your head.

If you have some areas that could stand to be darker to not accentuate your bald spot, then this could be a great way forward for you.

Before doing anything, it pays to learn as much as you can. In this article, I will give you some food for thought to help you decide.

Should You Get A Scalp Micropigmentation? 5 Reasons To Think About It - tips, scalp, micropigmentation

It’s not as invasive as a transplant

Getting a transplant is not for everybody. It is expensive and not always suitable for every hair type.

Though I do recommend getting a hair transplant for those whose situation calls for it, it is nice to have an alternative that doesn’t involve surgery.

Since there is no hair being removed and then implanted in your bald spot, it can be done without much fuss at all.

Can be done just about anywhere

No matter where you live, you can probably find a professional that does this procedure. Just a quick glance around shows this scalp micropigmentation Phoenix result.

Look online for the closest center near you and I think you’ll be surprised at how many there are around the country. You won’t likely need to travel too far unless you live in a very remote area.

No medication involved

If the thought of pills with side effects scares you then this procedure should be considered.

There is no medication necessary as it is literally a tattoo on your scalp. You don’t have to take any pills or even use a cream. Creams like Minoxidil need to be used every day for essentially the rest of your life.

And some of this medication doesn’t even work for everybody. If you’ve been going bald for years then chances are that these medications won’t work.

Then there is the issue of price. It is not cheap for the prescription for pills or to use Rogaine over the counter. Since they need to be used for years, there is no end to the expense.

It’s not just for men

Scalp micropigmentation is very popular with men who shave their head as they can have the tattoo look like stubble and give the appearance that they have chosen to shave to be bald.

Women can still benefit from scalp micropigmentation, too. If you have a patch where your scalp can be seen, then having it darker and matching your hair color will hide the patch very effectively.

It’s cost-effective

Once you have paid for the treatment, you are done paying. There is no ongoing expense like with medication. And it costs a fraction of what you would spend on a transplant.

You may have to pay for touch-ups after a few years if you spend a lot of time in the sun as it can fade over time.