So you’ve decided to rejuvenate your outdoor area with some stunning and modernised garden furniture. Exciting! Now it’s a matter of determining what it is you want to achieve, both practically and aesthetically. Luckily for you, modern outdoor furniture has evolved over the last few years meaning there are more options available. So here are a few tips to help you create the outdoor setting you have always dreamed of and that your friends will admire.

Seamless transition

Extending the feel of your abode to your outdoor area is a good way to narrow down your choices and to avoid being overwhelmed. It provides a good starting point and allows you to focus on what you currently have. Try to adopt the same colour scheme for example and choose shapes that compliment your existing furniture. Throw in some cushions for variety, a couple of sun lounges and a BBQ to create a comfortable outdoor area.


How you intend on entertaining

What’s your style? A cosy private dinner or perhaps a larger and louder gathering? Whatever your style, decide on how you intend to entertain your guests as this will help you determine how many seats / tables you will need and also what type of feel you are going to create. Large couches and sectional sofas work well with large patio spaces, while dining tables, chairs and loungers work better for smaller parties and patios.

Make it fun

Remember, the whole point of moving your entertaining outdoors is because it’s fun and relaxing. Don’t limit your imagination. Modern garden furniture not only looks great, it is also very functional and can be used to wine & dine as well as lounge and sleep. Modern garden furniture should act as an enhancement to your outdoor experience. Porch swings, daybeds and even hammocks are a great way to utilize the outdoor space and create a relaxing ambiance. A comfortable hammock can be very handy after a few red wines and some great food with friends and family.

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Creating an outdoor area is a fun and exciting experience. There’s nothing like eating and drinking to the early hours of the night and feeling free from the confinements of the indoors. So remember when selecting your garden furniture to ensure it is in line with the aesthetic of your household, fits in with your lifestyle and creates a unique setting for your outdoor area.