Certainly, any experience in Turkey might feel like the ultimate experience. Regardless of the primary motives behind your trip, whether to personally judge if Turkish delights are worth selling your siblings to the white witch, or whether to indulge in ancient monuments induced nostalgia, the amiable nature of the Turks and the variant delicious cuisine will for sure melt your heart.

3 Reasons Why Hair Transplants In Turkey Are The Ultimate Experience - transplants, traditional, tourism, istanbul, Hair, experience

Yet, while visiting Turkey will inevitably be a magical experience, we still stand by the title of this article. Opting for FUE’s in Turkey, is the ultimate leisure. Here are 3 reasons to support our claims.

1. Emotional prosperity in Istanbul

The psychological damage of balding on one’s self esteem can never be over looked. Although there is no shame in a receding hair line, many find the parting with their hair intense. Because advanced alopecia can never be reversed with tropical solutions, the only silver lining for you plummeting self esteem is hair transplantation. While financial obstacles in the way of hair transplants are hard to overcome in many countries, the procedure in Turkey is up to 70% cheaper than the US and Europe without compromising on the quality. Being relatively accessible, hair transplants in Turkey can reconcile you with internal peace.

What better country should one achieve such an objective? To restore the youthful glow of your appearance and spirits, while simultaneously engaging in a particularly distinct culture, healing has a new taste.

2. It is traditional tourism with a twist

If we are being frank, medical tourism is a multi purpose traditional tourism experience. With hair transplants being a quick-recovery procedure that requires no hospital stay-in, the scope of activities you can engage in are enough to have you star-stuck. In other words, achieving your aesthetics goals will not take away from the experience, if anything it will add to it.

3. Tourism in Istanbul

While, yes, you can travel abroad to opt for hair transplants practically anywhere; Istanbul is not a destination you should miss.

Encompassing two continents under one city, the variety of the culture is phenomenal. To be oriental with a hint of European, breeds the perfect experience. The Turkish cuisine is inclusive of unique dishes that suit vegans and meat eaters alike providing your taste buds quite the joy your mind is living.

With many monuments and landmarks to visit, the trip comes to an end quite abruptly leaving you pondering whether an extension is worth it. The grand bazaar, The HagIa Sophia, the Blue Mosque, Sultan Ahmet, and the many more will induce nostalgic feelings that make you long for a past you never lived.

In summary

A multi-purpose trip to Istanbul sounds like a bigger winner and the ultimate experience. Medical tourism encases spiritual, emotional, and physical healing into one trip with the perks of traditional tourism. While this article discusses hair transplants exclusively, the list of cosmetic and medical procedures you could opt for are versatile.

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