Social media marketing is powerful, and gives a small business the platform to compete with big businesses.  It is growing so fast as a marketing tool that social media influencers have become as powerful as traditional media personalities. However, such success doesn’t just happen, it takes time, practice and a solid strategy. That’s why, as a newbie in the game, you need a guide to social media marketing. To help you get ahead in this game, here are 6 tips to social media marketing for social media influencers.

6 Tips to Social Media Marketing for Social Media Influencers - social media, marketing, influencer

  1. Have a plan

Social media marketing is not just about posting ads on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and the rest of them. As an influencer, you need to have a clear plan on how to do it. Otherwise, you will flop and lose your status as an influencer. Planning is not complicated. For instance, you can theme your adverts around events such as Valentines, then create funny social media clips about such events. This can be more powerful than just sending out bland ads, something that most businesses can do for themselves.

  1. Choose the right platform

Every influencer knows that they have a platform where they are most powerful. For instance, a teenage influencer may be more efficient if they focus on Instagram and Snapchat. These are the platforms that mostly attract teenagers, and with the right content, can add to the effectiveness of a social media influencer in marketing. On the other hand, an influencer targeting a more mature audience would be better off focusing more on Twitter.

  1. Have the right content

As with all other forms of marketing, content is king when it comes to social media marketing, especially for influencers. You need to have content that people can keep coming back to watch, or read. For instance, if an influencer is known for travel and adventure, they need to constantly find new and interesting places to visit and feature them on social media. The more interesting the content, the more the viewers, and by the extension the efficacy of the influencer in marketing.

  1. Be consistent

For a social media influencer to be effective in marketing, they need to be consistent in updating their social media pages. Consistency doesn’t mean posting content every day, it means having a predictable routine in how you post your content. The more predictable a social media influencer is in posting content, the more loyal the audience will be, hence creating an enabling environment for marketing.

  1. Engage the audience

The whole essence of social media is interaction with the audience. No matter how many subscribers you have, take time to engage with them through the comments section. This sends a message that you actually care. The result is that, you will end with a loyal subscriber base that you can leverage on in marketing.

  1. Pay for traffic

Paying for traffic is almost standard for any social media influencer. Even celebrities pay for traffic, in order to grow their subscriber numbers. By paying for traffic, you get a higher number of subscribers, and this gives you leverage in marketing.