If you’ve just moved or are looking to revamp your existing living room design, look no further. Consider these 6 living room design ideas to create a trendy and modern gathering room in your home. Be sure to choose a design that fits your personal style, as your interior should be a reflection of you and what you like.

6 Stylish Living Room Design Ideas - retro, minimalism, mid century, Living room, industrial loft, ideas, design

Cozy Oasis

To create the ultimate cozy oasis, all of your design decisions need to revolve around comfort. Choose a sofa that is plush, soft, and extremely nice to relax on. Include a cushy area rug that will have you feeling like you’re walking on a cloud. Layer blankets and pillows so you’re never out of options for warmth and comfort. The color palette for a cozy oasis should evoke peaceful tranquility. Consider pastels, light neutrals, and cool-toned colors for this design. Great décor options include candles, books, and reading lamps.

Modern Luxury

If you’d like your living room to look like it’s dripping in luxury, but still in the modern era, you’ll need to find the highest-quality pieces you can afford. This room should include a large, sleek couch that is big enough to entertain and impress your guests with beautiful loveseats to each side. You should have the biggest and most up-to-date television available. The color scheme should be mostly neutrals, with an emphasis on cool tones. Think black, white, and gray for this room. Minimal décor is best and the accents you do include should be made of metal, marble, or other cool luxurious materials.

Bohemian Retreat

Creating a bohemian space is all about giving the room an eclectic and worldly feel. Try including a lot of natural fibers like natural wood, macramé, leather, bamboo, and cane. This style lends itself well to bright warm colors like terracotta, orange, yellow and mossy green. To complete the look, fill the room with houseplants galore. Hang some vining plants from the ceiling to really bring the outside indoors.

Mid-Century Retro

Achieving a Mid-Century inspired room is all about curating the perfect combination of retro and modern pieces. To sell the look, find furniture made of teak wood, as that was the most popular wood at the time. Colors include rich jewel tones like emerald green, navy blue, ruby red, and warm gold. Décor should also evoke a retro feel and can be as much or little as you like. Most furniture should have thin legs, set at an angle. Using leather accents is very common in this style.

Functional Minimalism

Create a sleek and functional space through the minimalist style. You should only include the items that you absolutely need in this space, and everything, including décor, should have a practical use. Color schemes should be light and bright with lots of white, gray, beige, and soft colors. Light-toned wood typically looks best in this style. Look for inspiration from Scandinavian design to create this look.

Industrial Loft

Get a modern rustic feeling with an industrial loft-style design. Some key elements to this design include exposed brick or wood beams, matte black metal accents, open shelving, and leather furniture. Functionality is also very important in this design. Colors are typically neutral with a pop of something bright and warm like red or orange or you can use some living room wallpaper.