Kayak fishing is becoming popular in many parts of the world. The reason for the popularity are the benefits it has over using boats mounted with motors. It neither pollutes the environment nor produces noise.  Also, it can move through narrow waterways and is stable. But for you to succeed in kayak fishing, you must have a strategy. If you are fishing for the first time, here are tips to help you.

5 Tips To Kayak Fishing For The First Time - sight fishing, paddles, ocation, kayak fishing, first time, anchors

1. Choose your location

It is the most important thing you must address when you go on a kayak fishing adventure. It saves time and ensures that you get better results. One of the mistakes people make is to think that they can get better results if they paddle further away. Ensures that you focus on a circular root rather paddling further into the water.

2. Pick the right kayak and paddles

The kayak you choose must fit the water body you will be fishing in. If you will be operating in calm lakes, a regular kayak will do. But if you will be fishing in the ocean, you need a robust kayak. You also need to remember to choose the right paddle. It should be light and capable of guiding your kayak through the water. Check and ensure that it has the right shape. For instance, if you will be fishing in calm water, high angle paddles will do.

3. Sight fishing

Sight fishing is important when fishing using a kayak. Find out the species of the fish available in the area you have identified. Then you must use an approach that will not alarm the fish. If you spook the fish you will not catch any.  So, if you want to get better results, target more than one species of fish. Also, site fishing requires that you chose a vantage point that allows you to look into the water.

4. Fishing line length

The length of your fishing line should be equivalent to that of the rod. It reduces chances of weeds sticking to it when you hook a fish. If the line gets entangled with weeds, you will likely lose the fish. Also, when it is too long, reeling the line when a fish is hooked may be difficult. The fish gets stuck and frees itself

5. Make use of anchors

One of the most important gears, when you go kayak fishing, is the anchor. It will help you if you will be fishing in an open area. Such areas are always windy and so you will need an anchor to help position the kayak in the spot you have identified. It makes it difficult for the wind to drift the kayak away. Most Kayaks can do well with a 2-4 pound claw anchor. But ensure that you chose an anchor that is easy to use. It should not be too heavy for your kayak.

Of course, there are other tips that can help you achieve greater success when kayak fishing. But, having good fishing gear is a must. Also, you should fish in areas that are rich in the targeted fish. Plan well and consider your safety when you go fishing.