18 Amazing DIY Ideas and Tricks to Organize Your Office

Got a cluttered office? The following brilliant DIY organization tips and projects will help you transform your office into an efficient workspace. De-clutter and get organized to boost your efficiency in your home or at work. These awesome DIY ideas are incredibly cost-efficient as well. Most of the ideas take less time than you think to get yourself organized and into a clutter-free space.

Whether you’re ruling the corporate world or rockin’ that home office, chances are you’re looking for a clever way to stay organized.  Keep your workspace cute and clutter free with these 18 awesome office DIY’s.

Double Desk Bookcase

Recycled Pen Jar

Stack up empty cans to create a handy desk organizer

Home Office Organized And Simplified

Storage Solutions Using Baskets

18 Amazing DIY Ideas and Tricks to Organize Your Office

Source: www.bhg.com

DIY office organization

Office & Craft Storage Towers

Stenciled Desk Organizer

Jumbo Clothespin DIY Mail Sorter

Mail Organizer

Mail Center – Upcycled Formula Tubs

10 Minute Marker Caddy

Cross stitch office supplies

Diy Desk Organizer

DIY Shoe Box Desk Caddy

Wooden Home Office


Make Your Own Desk Tray from Cardboard Boxes

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