Comfy home! The best feeling is having your own first home; obviously, nothing can replace this feeling. The most exciting thing after moving and getting settled is surely to reveal your new dig, to your new neighbors and old friends. For this throwing, a housewarming party is a great idea as it is an old tradition too. But, hosting a welcoming party can make a lot of people much nervous. I am going to share my personal experience of hosting such a party so you can learn about everything like food ideas and etiquettes for your mega event.

Six months ago, I was living with my family in San Diego; then I got admission in a reputable college in Los Angeles. The first thing which makes me worried is moving from one city to another with the packing of a lot of stuff as I was moving to a new house. Then I came to know about local movers near me to help me out in this situation. We made an order with this moving company; I was much satisfied as they arrived at the exact time about which they commit, professionally packed everything, and moved to my new place. Here they unpacked everything, set closets, and wave a very pleased goodbye.

When I almost settle at my new place, I was like I had made it. I couldn’t wait to invite my loved ones and new neighbors, here I make my first mistake as I invited all of them without understanding housewarming etiquette. Here I tried to share the lessons which I learn from throwing a bash housewarming party by going through this guide you will have a wonderful experience either as a guest or a host. So, you can have a warm party!

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Modern Etiquette being a great host

One super way to make your party an unforgettable moment is to throw a housewarming party with a theme. You can explore many fun ideas for a theme party like Halloween, pop culture, etc.

Hosting a party could be a lot of anxiety; you should cautiously consider and research many party ideas. Whatsoever, you lock the event you host must be a considerate of your taste and you as you are inviting the people who are your closed ones.

Things you must have to remember:

You must invite your guests through a formal housewarming party invitation letter. The invitation needs to be sent at least three to four weeks before the party day. You can invite either through a printed card or through an email invite. In both cases, you should deliver complete info for your guests like times, dates, kind of food, address, etc.

  • Explore different food ideas for your housewarming party before time and wisely plan your menu.
  • It is common and appropriate to present alcoholic beverages at your home party. But, if you are organizing a themed event, try to serve mixed drinks.
  • Housewarming party favors giving guests are becoming hot ideas nowadays. I disagree with this idea as it just makes your busy life busier.
  • The most important thing to consider is to ensure that your house must be tidy and clean before the arrival of guests. We all want to impress our guests with our pretty house; therefore, ensure that you are completely unpacked and moved in!
  • The most exciting idea is to send a personalized Thank You note to each guest at the end of the party. As every guest matters and their participation must be appreciated.

Modern Etiquette being a guest

One day you were a host the other day you would be guest at someone else’s place:

  • Being a guest, you have a much significant role: to cheer the host. The host invited you to the party as you are important to him/her, and they are eager to share their milestone event with you. As housewarming parties are usually informal compared to other parties, you still have to follow some polite courtesies.
  • You should remember that you are a guest at someone else’s home. A housewarming party is normally designed to showcase the host’s talent and their home by hosting an event. Follow the Etiquette at the host’s home, like avoid wandering into any closed-door room.
  • Once you receive a formal invitation, try to respond as soon as possible. Because your host need an exact headcount planning purposes and food.
  • Try to reach on time and leave and avoid overstaying at the end of the party.
  • Ask your host at the party if there is anything you can do for her help. Throwing a party takes a lot of effort, and your host will love the extra hands.
  • If your host planned some games for the housewarming party, be a good sportsperson and try to participate wholeheartedly. By arranging games, your host is trying to enhance interactions amongst guests, and you can assist them by making it possible.
  • If your host has finished all the arrangements and didn’t need your help, spend your time socializing and mixing with other guests invited at the party and have an opportunity to adore the host’s house.

Food ideas for the housewarming party

No doubt, food is a significant part of one’s housewarming event. Although it is easier for you to serve somebody else creation through catering, but most of the guests will appreciate you to serve something made by you. The food that you serve at your party must be a reflection of you. It doesn’t mean that you should spend your whole day cooking food. I prefer creating a narrow menu wisely, like some foods you should make at home, and you can order one or more dishes for your ease as there are a lot of other things to handle for throwing a warm party.

Having fun after-party by creating Hashtags

It’s a sure thing you want to remember the time while your dearest and nearest friends visited your home for the first time after your big move. Create a hashtag on social media and encourage your friends to share pictures by your hashtag. After settling down from washing plates and organizing your house, your guests and you can browse social media accounts to view and save your best shots of a fabulous event.