Are you searching for fun and trendy ways you could decorate your little boy’s room this year? Kids spend a lot of time playing and learning in their rooms, and having an environment that inspires them and speaks to their personality can act as a major motivator and mood-booster. Whether you’re shopping for wall art decor or bigger renovation items such as unique wallpaper for boys room, you may find it helpful to review these five stylish trends that are taking off in 2021.

5 Stylish Boy's Bedroom Decorating Ideas Trending In 2021 - throws, rugs, personality, ideas, decor, boy, bedroom

1. Create a Color Scheme and Make the Most of Wall Space

Walls can make a surprising difference in the overall feel of any room, so if your little boy’s walls are currently drab, dress them up with a custom color scheme. For example, you could get blue wallpaper or paint the walls a new color to match furniture, bedding and more.

2. Pick a Room Theme and Embellish the Space With Matching Décor

Why stop at a color theme? If there’s a game, character or story your boy is passionate about, you can turn that interest into a theme for the entire room. Once you’ve got the theme nailed down, you can easily embellish the space with matching décor, including lampshades, rugs, pillows, blankets, light fixtures and more.

3. Turn Empty Spaces Into Functional Places

If there are awkward empty spots throughout the room that need to be filled, don’t let them get filled up with toys, stray laundry or other clutter Instead, you can be proactive and turn those areas into functional places to maximize use of the room while still creating a trendy look. For instance, you could:

  • Swap out a regular bed for a loft bed and use the extra space for a desk, a play area or extra storage
  • Find narrow bookshelves that can fit into room corners
  • Line up empty walls with additional storage boxes or shelves

4. Cover Bare Floors With Stylish Rugs and Throws

Bare floors can be a bummer compared to the décor of the rest of the room – not to mention they can feel cold below bare feet, too! To keep your little boy warm and cozy while adding a trendy touch to the room, consider getting some stylish rugs or throws to cover up those floors.

5. Create a Mural To Reflect Your Little Boy’s Personality

If you want to add a truly special touch to the room, try creating a wall mural that reflects your boy’s personality. He might have a favorite cartoon character, superhero or animal, for instance, that he would love to have emblazoned on the wall. For this option, you can either purchase pre-made stick-on murals, hire a freelancer or purchase a customized option online or go the artsy route and paint one yourself!

Every little boy has a unique personality, and his room could easily reflect that with some simple design and décor strategies. If you’ve been looking for fun ways to upgrade your boy’s room this year, these five stylish trends could be a great place to start.